Plans & roadmaps

Find easier and faster growth using Waymaker to deliver strategic, business, or functional plans & roadmaps. 


Build your strategic, business, and functional roadmaps.


With Waymaker.io, you can chart your course, set clear objectives, and guide your organization toward a future of prosperity.

Tailored for strategy and operations leaders

If you’re a strategy and operations leader overseeing an organization with 50 to 500 employees, Waymaker.io is your strategic planning ally. Whether you’re formulating strategic goals, creating roadmaps, or aligning multiple objectives within your company, our platform provides the practical tools and insights you need.

We recognize that every organization is unique, just like your objectives.


  • Strategically engineered platform.
  • Seamlessly adapts to your unique needs.
  • Empowers strategic initiatives.
  • Drives precise execution.
  • Fosters continuous improvement.
  • Aligns actions with real outcomes.


Everyone on the same page.

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to crystal-clear alignment with Waymaker’s Meetings Module.

Build goal roadmaps for any team or department, layering them to create a master plan.

See your goals as easy-to-understand cards on a Kanban or Gantt chart. Whether you’re plotting your business strategy or functional plans, Waymaker makes it simple to get everyone on the same page.



Make business improvement, business as usual.

Discover and address gaps in your business operations with Waymaker’s diagnostic tools. Choose from our range of ten insightful diagnostic tools to gain valuable insights across teams and functions.

Utilize our intelligent planning and performance tools to conduct more effective retrospectives and strategic planning sessions. With Waymaker, improving your business becomes business as usual.

View all board files in one, secure place on Waymaker.



No more sticky notes – just seamless collaboration

Say goodbye to cluttered desks and hello to effortless prioritization with Waymaker’s Prioritization Tool.

Simplify the process of organizing priorities in your backlog and focus on committing to the one, two, or three most impactful tasks. Collaborative planning has never been this straightforward.

Prioritize roadmap
Board meetings scorecards


Build scorecards in minutes

What get’s measured gets done. Say goodbye to the frustration of creating complex BI dashboards and say hello to creating a scorecard in minutes with Waymaker.

Our scorecards effortlessly group metrics from various goals and owners, offering you a concise snapshot of your progress.

Whether it’s a balanced scorecard for board members and executives, sales scorecards for your sales teams, or campaign scorecards for marketing teams, Waymaker makes it easy to track what matters most.

“Waymaker provides a central platform …and tracking system so that the business works in collaboration with focus.”

“I’m tracking progress with identifiable outcomes that connect to my team members goals.”

“This software has allowed us to take our tasks out of spreadsheets and track them visually whilst being able to track employee accountability and deliverability.”

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