Board meeting management 

Run your board meetings with the agile leadership tools to plan faster, align committees, track critical metrics, and hold people accountable to delivering real outcomes.


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Waymaker board meeting

Welcome to a new era of streamlined efficiency and unparalleled board meeting management. Running an efficient and effective board meeting requires preparation, time, and focus.

Running your board meeting on Waymaker means you recceive the following.


  • Seamless oragnization
  • Effortless collaboration
  • Time optimization
  • Enhanced security
  • Cloud accessability
  • Automated minutes


The right agenda, every time.

Leaders can manage their board agendas in Waymaker Meetings. Create an agenda template which populates each meeting with your preferred agenda, saving time and effort.

In addition, leaders can still add custom meeting agenda items on a meeting by-meeting basis.

Each agenda item creates a content region where notes, links, and tasks can be captured in a meeting and stored for perpetuity.

The board meeting is always planned, always prepared.

Board meeting agenda
Board meetings document centre


All files, in one place.

Boards are always a mixed crowd of Google, Microsoft, and Apple users. Never struggle with files or content again, Waymaker is platform agnostic.

Waymaker reduces the amount of files you need for a board meeting and creates a place where any files can be stored securely in the cloud with easy access for all.

View all board files in one, secure place on Waymaker.



Track the data that matters most

Leaders can see and interact with the KPIs and metrics that matter most right in the board meeting, or within the Scorecards and Dashboards of Waymaker. 

Board Chairs can build balanced scorecards, or performance intelligence scorecards, and with data integrations (late 2023) see real-time updates on board level metrics. 

Make business intelligence, leadership intelligence. 

Board meetings scorecards
Board meeting goal tracker


Build and track your strategic plan in real time.

See your strategic plan as a roadmap of goals and outcomes and track the progress of achievement towards success.

Boards can build the strategic plan and align goals and outcomes across their board or senior executive.

With our goal presenter tool, it’s easy for senior leaders to provide updates on progress and show real outcomes.

Waymaker ensures you know the way to make your vision become reality.


Minutes that write themselves.

As a board or committee works through the agenda capturing content or updating tasks, Waymaker records all written content ready for publishing.

On meeting end, Waymaker writes the meeting minutes based on what’s been written or updated in the collaborative meeting canvas and sends a pdf with a personalised summary of actions to each attendee. These minutes are stored on the meeting record as a source of truth.

Based on the meeting date cycle, we’ll even open the next board meeting canvas and prepare that ready for your next meeting. 

Board meeting management has never been easier.

Board meetings are easier and faster using Waymaker

“Waymaker provides a central platform …and tracking system so that the business works in collaboration with focus.”

“I’m tracking progress with identifiable outcomes that connect to my team members goals.”

“This software has allowed us to take our tasks out of spreadsheets and track them visually whilst being able to track employee accountability and deliverability.”

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