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Welcome to our extended team, we’re excited to have you on board.

About the process

You are here because a Waymaker contact has sent you here to establish a Supply Agreement and become part of our extended team.


  1. Please complete the Supplier application below to establish a supply agreement with Waymaker One Pty Ltd. Include your Statement of Work (SOW). Ensure this includes objective outcomes aligned with payment milestones in the summary of services, or upload a PDF of the SOW in the file upload provided. 
  2. The Supplier Primary Contact is the person at the Supplier who is responsible for making a supply agreement with Waymaker One Pty Ltd.
  3. The Statement of Work will be accepted when a Purchase Order is provided by the Waymaker Primary Contact to the Supplier Primary Contact.
  4. You will be required to accept our Supply Terms of Agreement on submission of this application. On submission you agree to these terms.

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Supplier Application & Agreement

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