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The Waymaker Leadership Podcast is your home of leadership.

Leadership Torque | Waymaker Podcast

9: Posture 5 – The Inspirational Leader

The Inspirational leader is our fifth and final leadership posture. These leaders have achieved mastery in their field and run organisations that are market leaders. They lead industries, markets &/or people groups. Transform the ordinary into new & exciting ways of doing things.

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8: Posture 4 – The Wise Leader

Wise leaders represent the fourth level of our 5 leadership postures. They are those who have experienced maturity in their organization and are on the road to business expansion. They lead leaders who in turn lead other leaders.

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7: Posture 3 – The Empowering Leader

The Empowering Leader represents the third level of our 5 leadership postures. They are a leader who has the ability to lead and release other leaders. Calibration happens at this stage of organizational growth. Listen in as we unpack the qualities of the Empowering Leader.

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6: Posture 2 – The Persistent Leader

Persistent leaders represent the second level of our 5 leadership postures. Their key objective is to persevere until they find market fit. They develop the ability to find solutions to the problems they have identified in stage one. Listen in as we deep dive into posture number 2.

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5: Posture 1 – The Curious Leader

The Curious Leader is the first of our 5 leadership postures. This type of leader discovers new ideas and finds problems to solve. This leadership posture is most important at the ideation stage of your business. This is the startup phase, where leaders are learning to lead themselves. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the posture of a curious leader.

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4: The 5 Postures of a Leader

Waymaker’s 5 Postures of Leadership is a framework that allows business leaders to understand what type of leader they need to be at different stages of organizational growth. This framework is different to other leadership models out there, and brings a unique perspective to understanding leadership dynamics.

In this episode, we introduce you to the 5 Postures of Leadership which we will begin to unpack in future episodes.

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3: Aileen Boyle, CEO of Fortro | Women’s Enterprise Scotland Ambassador

In this very special episode on International Women’s Day 2022, We are joined by Waymaker Certified Advisor, Aileen Boyle. Aileen is CEO and founder of Fortro, a consultancy firm in Scotland that works with visionary CEOs and leaders to help build their companies by reframing challenges and identifying opportunities to create additional commercial value. Aileen is an Ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland and a “real-model” for women in business, all around the world.

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2: Mindsetting Pt 2 | The 5 Responsibilities of a Leader

### This conversation is GOLD! ### We change the mindset of our organisation by first changing our mindset as a leader. In Pt 2 of Mindsetting, Stu and Craig discuss the 5 Roles of a Leader and how each of these roles fundamentally transforms us as individuals and ultimately the health of our organisation.

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17: Trust Based Sales with Ari Galper S1:17

Throw out your old sales playbooks. Ari has deconstructed and reconstructed the sales process.
Ari Galper is the world’s number one authority on Trust-Based Selling. In this interview, Ari shares how he has deconstructed and reconstructed the Sales process. No more chasing, follow-up, dehumanization or rejection!

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15: CX: Marketing Playbook S1:E15

The customer experience is defined as the unification of marketing, sales, service, and technology to create inspirational branded moments across every stage and touch point of the consumer journey. Thrive, survive and conquer the customer experience marketing to create a seamless customer journey.

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14: CX The Customer Journey S1:E14

We use the disciplines of sales, marketing, and service to provide our customers with the best possible experience. We will show you how to identify gaps in your organization and how to create a valuable customer experience with our seven question growth framework.

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13: How to Build Culture S1:E13

As a leader, you might be unfamiliar on how to build or transform culture in your organisation. We often find that people don’t know where to start. Learn how to mould your organisation values, principles and behaviours to shape the ultimate organisational culture.

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12: EX Culture Framework S1:E12

Build clarity, alignment and deliver results through values, principles, beliefs, and behaviours in an organisation.

As you work in organisations, you will be familiar with values and principles. However, there is often a big misunderstanding about what these mean. They are often stuck up on a wall. This week, we are diving deep into this confusing bucket of values, principles, beliefs, and behaviours.

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11: Lead with Employee Experience S1:E11

If you’re leading a team, you will be well versed in hiring employees.

But, are you retaining, growing, keeping and reinventing your team? Is your employee acquisition process effective?
Over these few weeks, our podcasts are exploring Waymaker’s seven leadership questions – but, in reverse. This week, we will unpack how organisations can improve the employee experience through:

• Developing a mindset shift
• Creating a unified and digital experience
• Empowering and equipping your team
• The difference between employee experience and HR
• Importance of talent acquisition

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10: Running Effective Meetings S1:E10

If you’re in an organisation, you’ll be turning up to meetings.

Are they good? Are they effective? Are they worthwhile?

Being busy does not equal being effective. To be effective you must be hitting goals.

Therefore, if time is being spent in meetings, those meetings ought to enable people to hit their goals and deliver on their objectives.

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4: Introducing Waymaker Academy S1:E4

“Education is knowledge …. but education with distribution is transformation.”

Our purpose is to provide practical, quality and easy to digest education & playbooks that leaders, teams and advisors can use every day.

As always we take a little deep dive into what the business principles are relevant and how you can apply them today.

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1: Welcome to Waymaker S1:E1

Waymaker is a platform that helps leaders set start up, scale up or smarten up by doing less to achieve more.

Waymaker is two things:

1. The Waymaker Way – a management framework which helps you make sense of your business & how to grow it.

2. Waymaker.io – a SaaS platform which uses smart algorithms and predictive analytics to bring your business to life through the Waymaker Way.

The platform exists for two groups of people. Businesses and their coaches.

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