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Partner Sales


Design and develop a clear and compelling message to market with simple and effective sales funnels that work while you sleep.

(All prices are in Australian Dollars)


Waymaker Partner Sales

The Partner Sales Accelerator is designed to help Waymaker Partners find, win, and keep the right customer.

Completing this accelerator will:

1. Define the ideal customer and the job to be done
2. Refine the market and persona segment characteristics
3. Build a value stack to communicate the real value of choosing your offer and why it is unique.
4. Create a shift statement to communicate the vision of the future state
5. Collate the social proof to substantiate the claim
6. Establish the core assets required for the sales funnel
- Value proposition marketing page
- Lead magnet
- On demand sales pitch
- Sales questionnaire
- Lead magnet
- Discovery call booking service and qualification framework
- Lead response chat and email templates

Learn how to:
- Write and deliver a sales process that wins consistently.
- Scale the sales function without overworking
- Automate lead qualification and deal flow


Waymaker Partner Accelerators are tailored, in-person services to rapidly grow your partner business.

Accelerators are delivered by Waymaker Team-Leaders who are experts in their field. Every accelerator is designed to be an investment that an Advisor can reap 10x by on-selling learned skills and systems to their clients.

We also provide a High Growth Advisor Program which is a collection of 3 high-performance modules designed to be delivered in 90 days.

Only certified partners can access Waymaker Accelerators. *For more information speak to us at Waymaker.io/partner