Leadership Coach: Certification Assessment


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leadership coach certification

Purchase this to take the certification assessment exam and achieve your Waymaker Leadership Coach Certification.

On purchase of this product you will be emailed a link to your exam certification within Waymaker Academy. Enter the course, answer the questions, and pass your Leadership Coach Certification.

This certification specifically addresses the Leadership diagnostic within Waymaker.

Those who have passed this certification are competent and capable of designing and delivering leadership development programs for individuals, themselves, and organizations.

On passing this exam you will be awarded the Waymaker Leadership Coach Academy Badge and Certificate.

Competencies demonstrated with this certification

  • Able to develop a leadership plan for an organization, and leaders (including yourself).
  • Able to interpret the leadership diagnostic within Waymaker to build goals that create better outcomes, more quickly in leaders
  • Able to understand the leadership context, and by learning four powerful questions, create perspective alignment in not only your work, but other important areas of life.
  • Able to train the development of the skills and systems of leadership to be more effective in daily work.
  • Able to identify and develop character traits that will improve leadership
  • Able to identify and use the strengths, and minimize the risks, of personality traits in leadership development
  • Able to compound leadership, by applying different postures into different situations for the most effective outcomes.
  • Able to learn what leaders do by understanding and applying the 5 responsibilities of every leader
  • Able to facilitate a leadership coaching session to help your clients or your team members diagnose, plan, and deliver improvement to be better leaders.


Required pre-work

In order to obtain this certification you will need to have passed Platform Specialist. The reading and content for Platform Specialist is found in Work Better: How to implement the foundations of Waymaker

Recommended pre-reading

Lead Better: The guide to Waymaker's Leadership diagnostic and leadership development toolkit