Employee Experience Consultant: Certification Assessment


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Employee Experience Certification

Purchase this to take the certification assessment exam and achieve your Waymaker Employee Experience Consultant Certification.

On purchase of this product you will be emailed a link to your exam certification within Waymaker Academy. Enter the course, answer the questions, and pass your EX Consultant Certification.

This certification specifically addresses the Employee Experience diagnostic within Waymaker.

Those who have passed this certification are competent and capable of helping leaders and teams strategically plan their employee experience business improvements.

On passing this exam you will be awarded the EX Consultant Academy Badge and Certificate.

Competencies demonstrated with this certification

  • Able to lead the EX Diagnostic process to identify business improvements.
  • Able to lead, design, and support the implementation of an EX strategy into an organization.
  • Able to write clear and value driving role descriptions
  • Able to facilitate values, principles, behavior workshops
  • Able to identify and design culture improvements
  • Able to write and design employee journeys
  • Able to write employee value propositions, and EX promises


Required pre-work

In order to obtain this certification you will need to have passed Platform Specialist. The reading and content for Platform Specialist is found in Work Better: How to implement the foundations of Waymaker

Recommended pre-reading

Work Better: How to implement the foundations of Waymaker