Customer Experience Consultant: Certification Assessment


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Purchase this to take the certification assessment exam and achieve your Waymaker Customer Experience Consultant Certification.

On purchase of this product you will be emailed a link to your exam certification within Waymaker Academy. Enter the course, answer the questions, and pass your CX Consultant Certification.

This certification specifically addresses the Customer Experience diagnostic within Waymaker.

Those who have passed this certification are competent and capable of helping leaders and teams strategically plan their customer experience business improvements across sales, marketing, and service.

On passing this exam you will be awarded the CX Consultant Academy Badge and Certificate.

Competencies demonstrated with this certification

  • Able to lead the CX Diagnostic process to identify business improvements across Sales Leadership, Marketing Leadership, and Service Leadership
  • Able to lead, design, and support the implementation of a CX strategy into an organization.
  • Able to unify sales, marketing, service, and technology to sell smarter & faster.
  • Able to find the growth gaps in a customer strategy and close them.
  • Able to align a team to focus on highest priority sales improvement tasks every quarter.
  • Able to articulate the ideal customer who will buy from you time and time again.
  • Able to find the gaps in competitors and exploit them with your strengths and advantages.
  • Able to build the must have communication messages to attract & close the most valuable clients.
  • Able to design a customer journey that delights & buyer’s journey that closes with speed & simplicity.
  • Able to build a sales method that makes teaching a team how to be sales rockstars a breeze.
  • Able to create an own innovation cycle that releases your team to make business improvement, business as usual.


Required pre-work

In order to obtain this certification you will need to have passed Platform Specialist. The reading and content for Platform Specialist is found in Work Better: How to implement the foundations of Waymaker

Recommended pre-reading

Sell Better: The collection of EX badges, course, and playbooks.