Business Consultant: Certification Assessment


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Business consultant certification

Purchase this to take the certification assessment exam and achieve your Waymaker Business Consultant Certification.

On purchase of this product you will be emailed a link to your exam certification within Waymaker Academy. Enter the course, answer the questions, and pass your Business Consultant Certification.

This certification specifically addresses the Business diagnostic within Waymaker.

Those who have passed this certification are competent and capable of designing and delivering strategic growth through agile business planning.

On passing this exam you will be awarded the Waymaker Business Consultant Badge and Certificate.

Competencies demonstrated with this certification

  • Able to lead the Business diagnostic and develop insights from the vision, market, strategy, business model, sales, marketing, service, and employee experience leadership curves.
  • Able to develop a roadmap of strategic goals
  • Able to facilitate the creation of strategic goals, individual goals
  • Able to lead the workshops on vision and purpose, market and ideal customer, strategy and differentiation, business model creation, customer experience and employee experience
  • Able to lead and facilitate the creation of a business plan and show how to integrate critical business data on to owned outcomes in goals
  • Able to create scorecards in dashboards to track business critical insights
  • Able to lead and embed the Waymaker practices to shift teams from reactive chaos to strategic agility
  • Able to train teams to use the roadmap, goal, task, meeting, and dashboard modules
  • Able to establish a continuous improvement cycle within the business of quarterly planning


Required pre-work

In order to obtain this certification you will need to have passed Platform Specialist. The reading and content for Platform Specialist is found in Work Better: How to implement the foundations of Waymaker

Recommended pre-reading

Plan Better: The guide to Waymaker's Business diagnostic and strategic agility toolkit.

Sell Better: The collection of EX badges, course, and playbooks.

Hire Better: The collection of EX badges, course, and playbooks.