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The Advisor certification course.

Waymaker Advisor 

Certification Course


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 Proven onboarding programs you can sell and use with clients.

 Learn the Waymaker gap analysis diagnostic to reveal growth opportunities with your clients.

  Learn the mindset insights for behavioural change coaching.

 Rapidly develop needle shifting objectives to add real value.

 Easily guide the organization to deliver on goal delivery, with data tracking.

 Facilitate and coach performance improvement with data processed in real time with no effort from you.

√ Access to Waymaker Academy with courses, playbooks and plays for ongoing advisory services

√ Support from Waymaker and a community of like minded coaches

√ Achieve greater results with less effort.

√ Retain clients longer with real evidence of ROI on your services and say “goodbye” to the gig-to-gig economy and “hello” to the new world of long term, residual income clients. 

 Claim your time back with family and loved ones.

 And much, much more…

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Waymaker Advisor Certification
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“Waymaker has given me a real track to run on. It just makes sense for my clients to keep coming back for more.”

Simeon Cryer


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