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Congratulations & welcome

Thank you, we have accepted your partnership application and emailed you confirmation of the agreement. 

Please take special note of your Waymaker Partner number which is issued in the email we have just sent you.

To connect your clients to your Waymaker Partnership, you must ask them to enter your Partner ID in their Admin > Business details.

You may now download the partner badges for use on your website, profiles and other marketing materials.

Both colour and black & white versions are available below.

PARTNER Waymaker Partner Application Completed Thank you
PARTNER Waymaker bw Partner Application Completed Thank you

Your journey to growth as an Advisor

3 steps to generating revenue on Waymaker.io 

Step 1

Explore the Waymaker Partner program and discover the business benefits to building a practice on Waymaker.

Step 2

Apply to be a Waymaker Partner. Choose from the FREE or paid options. We will process your application immediately.

Step 3

Complete Waymaker Advisor Certification. Learn the platform, playbooks & accelerate your Waymaker journey.

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