Build a better advisory business in less than 90 days.

100% Risk free guaranteee.

The High Growth Advisor Program gives business coaches & consultants the clarity, alignment and lead flow needed in the first 90 days of being a Waymaker Partner to increase the speed, scale & sustainability of your Advisor business.

Invest in yourself and learn from real world case studies, on product demos and in person training how to build a better business using Waymaker’s world leading software and business building playbooks.

The 90 day program is designed to help our partners implement with success, build Advisor skills and increase sales for the partner.

We will equip and empower you with:

  • Implementation success program guides and tools to use with clients.
  • A simple and effective sales funnel and buyer journey custom designed for your business.
  • A guaranteed flow of leads from organizations who have enquired on your offer.


High Growth Advisor Program and Waymaker Accelerators

The High Growth Advisor Program is a collection of 3 high performance accelerators designed to be delivered in 90 days.

High Growth Advisor Program


1 – 30 days

Achieve a better ROI by knowing how to find and win customers faster using Waymaker.

Learn the art of the 7 Questions, how to accelerate strategic thinking and how to focus teams on high value priorities.

Our four-week accelerator takes you through everything you need to acquire, onboard and retain a client successfully on Waymaker.

By the end of the first 30 days you will be a certified Waymaker Advisor.

Waymaker Partner Sales


31 – 60 days

We guide you through a winning process to design and develop a simple and effective sales process that works while you sleep.

Learn how to write and create a sales process that wins consistently.

Scale the sales function using video, landing pages, email and lead qualification.

You’ll be ready to turn on your sales program and generate consistent leads of the ideal customer.

By the end of the first 60 days you will be able to find and win your ideal customer.

Waymaker Advisor Leadership Development


61 – 90 days

We coach you through a masterclass in growth leadership, so you can do this with your clients.

This is a transformation program which will help you bring change through executive advisory & coaching.

You’ll learn how to identify the various leadership postures and apply these to your clients.

You’ll be able to apply this directly to your clients generating new or additional revenue through leadership and cultural transformation.

By the end of the 90 days you will be equipped and empowered to build your high value advisory service.

Guaranteed lead flow is on approval of sales funnel competency.

When does the program start?

Each program starts on the first of the next month. So, ordering on the 15th of the month will see us complete administration and scheduling so everyone is ready to kick off.

How is content delivered?

All content is delivered via video conference in person with a Waymaker expert and one-on-one with you and your team.

Published materials will be available in Waymaker Academy and always available as long as your license to Waymaker remains active.

Is this one-on-one or group training?

This is personalised training for your organization, not group training.

You are welcome to invite other team members who want to go on the Waymaker Advisor High Growth Program with you.

How much is the program?

The High Growth Advisor Program is $7,995 AUD (ex gst if applicable).

An individual accelerator is one month and $3,000 AUD (ex gst if applicalble).

How am I billed?

Each module is billed at the start of the month on your credit card.

Your first month is billed on application.

Do I own all my sales funnel materials?

Yes. You have created them and you can use the materials.

You can even use these as a framework to help your clients build their own, as long as you maintain your Waymaker license as this license you to use our materials in your advisory practice.

Become a high growth advisor now.