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Waymaker for coaches & consultants

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Enjoy the benefits of an exclusive community strategic consultants and coaches who achieve more, whilst doing less.

Waymaker Advisors are individuals who have taken the certification course.  Partners are organizations of one or more advisors who have partnered with Waymaker.

Download our partner guide, or apply to be a partner if you have not done this already.

Waymaker Advisors provide consulting or coaching services whilst using the Waymaker platform.

They are specially trained to implement and onboard organizations who want to use Waymaker.

Additionally, a Waymaker Advisor may provide ongoing services to guide a team to growth using skills and playbooks from Waymaker Academy or other specialist skills they hold in helping clients grow.

Waymaker Advisor Course

Waymaker Advisor Certification Course

8 Course modules, on demand.

♦  What is Waymaker

♦  The role of a Waymaker Advisor

♦  How to grow the Waymaker Way

♦  Waymaker’s Experience Curve

♦  Waymaker software overview

♦  Leadership vs management

♦  How to answer the 7 Questions

♦  How to onboard clients

16 hours of learning content
50 Questions

Certification badge, certification and ID issued on completion of the course.

How to access & become certified

Users of Waymaker can become certified by completing the Advisor Certification course.

There are two ways to purchase and complete the course.

Only choose one.


Advisor subscription license

The Advisor subscription license includes the monthly subscription cost of a Waymaker instance and the price of the Advisor Certification course.

This approach is ideal for business consultants and coaches who want to be a Waymaker Advisor to business leaders and teams with their own instances of the platform.

The Advisor subscription license is the reccomended option for coaches & consultants.

Visit the pricing page, choose the Advisor license and sign up.

Then, at the end of the free trial or whenever you want access to the certification course, purchase your license and you will receive access to the course and Waymaker as part of your subscription.


Course purchase only

Waymaker users can purchase the course outright as a one off fee of $499 (inc taxes). A user will need to have a Waymaker license to access Waymaker & Waymaker Academy.

This approach is ideal for business users who may be the Waymaker super user or admin in their organization and are leading the ongoing strategic alignment of the organization.

Coaches & consultants can purchase the course as a one-off fee but will need to ALSO purchase a Start-up or Business license.

If you are already a Waymaker user, either in free trial or a paid subscription, purchase the course below.

If you have not signed up, do that now before purchasing the Advisor Certification course.