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Join an elite community of leaders.

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High Growth Advisor Program and Waymaker Accelerators

Becoming a Waymaker Certified Advisor empowers you with the methods, software, and playbooks to lead sustainable, long term business growth for your clients.

Build a profitable advisory business using our providen methodolgy, intelligent business platform and library of playbooks and tool kits in Waymaker Academy.

As a licensed partner and Certified Advisor you have everything you need to build a strong and sustainable advisory business.

Learn our world class growth methodology, Waymaker’s Leadership Curve, learn how to implement our software with clients and you are licensed to use all the content in Waymaker Academy with your clients. 

We will equip and empower you with:

  • Waymaker partner portal to create and management client accounts.
  • A instance of Waymaker for your own business.
  • Implementation success program guides and tools to use with clients.
  • A library of playbooks and tool-kits for ongoing coaching & consulting.
  • A growth services team to help you grow your business with leads, thought leadership, and advisory support.


Certified partners have everything they need to build a better coaching business.



Learn a methodology to find & execute the highest value course of strategic action.


Be a recognised expert in our intelligent software platform to build better business.


On demand access to the courses, playbooks, and frameworks you need.


Join a growing community of leaders who are building better business.

Waymaker Advisor Certification is delivered on demand via Waymaker Academy with live one-on-one coaching via video conference.


Session 1

Implementation success

Learn how to align a client’s problem and need to Waymaker, create new accounts, release new diagnostics, and administrate Waymaker for clients.


Session 2

Running the 7 Questions strategic leadership process

Learn how to set up the workshop, communicate the sense making framework and insights of Waymaker’s Leadership Curve, facilitate the 7 Questions, prioritise the backlog of goals and build the short, mid, or long term goals.

Session 3

Designing winning goals & mapping goals across the team

Learn how to use the Roadmap & Goals modules with clients, understand succesful goal architecture, build the accountability & responsibility lines across team members, and learn the best practices in goal management to apply directly into your clients.


Session 4

Building a successful operating rhythm

Learn how to establish a world class operating rhythm to help your clients create strategic, compounding growth.

Embed and train your clients on the essential pillars of the leadership & management framework which will equip & empow them to create healthly, long term, positive changes that don’t destablise growth.

Guaranteed lead flow is on approval of sales funnel competency.

When does the program start?

Each program starts on the first of the next month. So, ordering on the 15th of the month will see us complete administration and scheduling so everyone is ready to kick off.

How is content delivered?

All content is delivered via video conference in person with a Waymaker expert and one-on-one with you and your team.

Published materials will be available in Waymaker Academy and always available as long as your license to Waymaker remains active.

Is this one-on-one or group training?

This is personalised training for your organization, not group training.

You are welcome to invite other team members who want to go on the Waymaker Certification Program with you.

How much is the program?

The Waymaker Advisor Certification is $3,000 AUD (ex gst for Australian purchasers).

How am I billed?

To purchase the Advsior Certification, go here.

Purchases are made via credit card and can be split over multiple months using Splitit.com at the point of purchase. 

Become a Waymaker Certified Advisor.