Waymaker For Leaders

Lead with confidence

Waymaker empowers you to lead knowing why, how and when your team will hit their objectives.

Lead with confidence on waymaker

Simple, dynamic dashboards

See a live update to automated annual and quarterly dashboards providing the predictive analytics on reaching the goals that matter most.

With Waymaker, there is one source of truth on reaching the goals and objectives set, with zero configuration time.

Communicate with clarity

Connect the dots between vision, plan, projects and performance. Never let your team confuse the short, mid and long term priorities.

With Waymaker, there is a single source of truth on where you are going and how to get there.

Give everyone a voice

Empower teams to own their own steps with the ability speak into the most important strategic goals and how to deliver them.

Now everyone can speak into the strategy through the diagnostic and recommend new ideas for the roadmap.

Make data driven decisions

Before the first goal is defined, there are hundreds of data points with clear insights to guide the strategic planning journey. Build from insight, quickly and easily.

Waymaker delivers instant insights from our world leading maturity diagnostic which gets smarter with every use.

Now you can sleep at night

Know that everyone knows their role to plan in quarter ahead and they have the steps to get there. Never worry your team are not organised, taking care of business.

With Waymaker, have the confidence to know  your team know what they need to achieve, and how to get there.

Performance on auto pilot

The strategy automation engine of Waymaker sets a performance cycle like the hum of a finely tuned super car. Enjoy the rhythm of continous improvement.

Momentum comes from small, repetitive quick wins found in the quarterly performance cycle of Waymaker.

Kill bad meetings for good

See OKRs for teams, run a channel to track updates across your team, get live updates on objective progress and reduce time wasted on bad agenda items.

With Waymaker, it is easy to see every teams goals that matter most, the progress they’ve made steps to deliver.

Align, plan and deliver anywhere

With your diagnostic, planning, roadmap, OKRs and dashboards in the cloud, anyone, anywhere can participate and deliver.

Waymaker is the strategy cloud for the new normal empowering everyone with clarity.

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