Waymaker OKRs

Empowered alignment with OKRs

OKRs are the brutally simple secret weapon in strategic alignment.


Fast, powerful and short term wins

Visual roadmap to success

Our platform connects every team member to accountable performance delivery, so you know exactly where the business and who needs help to win.

Make winning a regular event. When teams know how to win, can win regularly they are more likely to secure the big wins.

Our OKR and goal setting app helps you set up the wins for your teams every quarter.

That means, many small wins will lead to the big wins. Isn’t it time you won a quarter?

Visual roadmap to success

“Simple is powerful, I like simple.“

– Chris
Breakthrough with waymaker

Cascade clarity

Now everyone can create winning goals, every quarter that lead towards the organisations success.

Predictive insights

See where progress is made on a daily and weekly basis, know if you’ll hit your quarter and help those that need it.

Individual ownership

Create organic accountability with a continous improvement mindset.

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