Waymaker Diagnostic

Smart insights, fast.

See the maturity and best practice across your team in a flash.


Actionable insights in less than one hour

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Our algorithm reveals actionable business improvements for any organisation in less than one hour.

The Waymaker diagnostic is a top down, bottom up, side to side maturity insights tool which takes data inputs from team members revealing growth benchmarks and activities for improvement for the business as a whole and for each of the primary functions of the business;

  • Vision
  • Market focus
  • Strategy development
  • Business model optimisation
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Employee experience.

Our maturity curves create opportunities for all your teams to unify around powerful growth steps.

Instnt insights with Waymaker

“Every business should complete the Diagnostic what an incredibly insightful business intelligence tool!“

– Alex
Strategic alignment

Continous improvement

The diagnostic runs every quarter, benchmarking progress and help you build a high performing team.

Team engagement

More than two thirds of enterprises fail to listen to their teams when planning.  Lead your market with an engaged team know how to make their way to success.

Know your heart beat

If your watch can track your heart beat, why can’t your business strategy do the same? Now you can receive insightful and practical data every quarter on the health of your organisation.

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