Waymaker Channels

Collaborate on what matters.

Easily collaborate via with your team member,  manager or colleagues.


Kill bad meetings that waste time

Collaborate and win

Waymaker channels keep everyone in the loop on work progress. 

Whether it’s the weekly sales meeting, monthly management or daily all hands meeting, Waymaker makes it easy to see and know where everything that matters is really at.

Every diagnostic and objective has a channel and you can keep anyone in the loop by a simple @ mention of their name.

Update your leaders with chats in the channel and everytime a key result is updated a notification will appear as a chat in the channel.

You can even create  custom channels for any project, team or activity.

Now meetings can be faster, time can be spent on productive work and communication is clear, accurate and timely.

Collaborate and win

“It’s like having an assistant keeping me informed of progress and where I can help.  A leader’s best friend.”

– Alf
Breakthrough with waymaker

Automate progress updates

Never here, ‘Are we there yet?’ again. Waymaker tells everyone that needs to know the progress update as it happens.

Help people win

See who’s on track and who needs help. Surface this insight as it happens so you can help people win and stop asking ‘What happend?’ at the end of the quarter.

Align everyone

Keep everyone aligned with company wide progress via automated communication and up to the minute progress updates.

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