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Waymaker Platform

The intelligent business improvement platform.

Your organisation’s strategic command centre to make business improvement, business as usual.

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Coach and consult more easily with waymaker

Diagnose growth gaps

Find gaps to growth in minutes using Waymaker’s intelligent diagnostic engine.

Choose the right diagnostic then use Waymaker’s platform tools to plan, deliver goals, run effective meetings, and deliver growth.

Business – for growing SMEs and larger businesses

Business essentials – for start ups and small business growth

CX Essentials – for sales, marketing, and service leaders to deliver revenue growth.

EX Essentials – for leaders to build cultures of high performance.

Leadership – for leadership development and executive coaching.

Waymaker’s powerful algorithms and smart insights show you where the organisation can improve in minutes.

Align teams with goals

Create goals to engage, align and bring clarity to team members work.

Goals are the building blocks of Waymaker’s strategic planning system. Every team member has their own goals with are either upstream or downstream.

Goal outcomes can be cascaded to other team members with one click ensuring that rapid deployment of business outcomes is available at any moment.

Waymaker’s powerful goal management software includes simple task management for teams and individuals to remember and deliver everything that matters.

Define success with Waymaker
Roadmap your plan with Waymaker

Create an intelligent roadmap to success

Create a winning strategic roadmap, then watch your teams progress in real time.

Bin old ‘one-page-plans’ designed for the last century and win with a ‘one-cloud-plan‘ that intelligently shows leaders how to improve, where to close gaps and always stays up to date on every device.

Waymaker’s powerful filtering allows your organisation to have one single strategic plan which can be filtered to show any team, user, or business unit’s strategic plan in real time.

Deliver projects with smart tasks

It easier than ever to build your project plan, and achieve your goals.

Think of tasks and task boards as a way to operationalize your goals. A goal is your aspirational endpoint. Tasks are the little steps that need to be completed in order to move forward in your outcomes.

tasks & Task Boards Waymaker
Waymaker Meetings

Lead effective meetings

Remove roadblocks and move teams forward.

Never worry about meeting agendas, minutes, and task management.

Waymaker intelligently automates your operating rhythm through Meetings ensuring roadblocks are identified and removed.

With automated minute taking and one click PDF creation and distribution, running an effective meeting is business as usual.

Manage clients in Partner Portal

Work with Waymaker to deliver client results.

The Partner Portal offers a central control center for Certified Advisors to quickly and easily create and manage new client accounts.

Engage directly on the platform as well as view, monitor, and interact with your client’s data efficiently and securely.

Partner Portal - Waymaker
Learn Waymaker Academy

Playbooks for growth

Access on demand playbooks and toolkits to accelerate your clarity, alignment, and results.

Waymaker Academy is on demand learning for coaches, leaders, and teams to shift into high performance culture.

Access prebuilt playbooks and content for coaching, leading and building high performing teams.

  • Leadership & management
  • Vision & purpose
  • Market clarity
  • Strategic positioning & focus
  • Business model innovation
  • Customer experience excellence
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Employee experience & culture

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