Waymaker EX Essentials – EMPLOY BETTER

Every step to build a world class employee experience.

And, build a high performing culture that outperforms your competitors.

People & culture are your real advantage.

But, without a way to build a healthy culture of high performance it is going to cost you in time, money, and customers.

You feel alone.

Your culture is eating your strategy.

Constantly replacing people.

You can’t hold people accountable.

Good people leave.

People are busy but not effective.

Everything you need to build a healthy culture of high performance.

A high quality employee experience is really hard to deliver, that’s why so few really make it, but it can be done if you know the way.

EX Essentials Product Overview | Waymaker

EX Diagnostic

A powerful set of insights that reveals your gaps and shows the way to build a high performing culture.


Roadmaps & Goals

A diagnostic that is integrated with Waymaker’s Roadmap, Goals, Task boards, Meetings & Dashboards.


Meetings & Tasks

Never write minutes again with the automated and intelligent meeting manager. Track goals, tasks and actions easily.


Academy on Demand

A library of courses, playbooks, and frameworks on-demand for professional development.

Waymaker - Business Growth Software

What does the Waymaker EX Diagnostic reveal?


Leadership Score

An objective measure trackable over time to show growth or decline. This is shown across a single leadership curve.


Employee Experience Benchmarks in Skills & Systems

19 best practice competencies and 16 best practice capabilities to develop maturity in market research, marketing strategy, brand health, customer journey management and marketing technology.


Growth Over Time

The diagnostic can be configured to run quarterly, half yearly, or annually. Data is tracked over time to show demonstrable progress.


Growth Mindset

The team’s mindset and how to improve it. This is available on each curve, specific to that area of the business.


360 Review

Filterable feedback from unlimited respondents in a 360 perspective with the ability to filter by role, team, or user.

Employ better by building a more intelligent EX Strategy

EX Essentials Product Overview | Waymaker


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  • Why you should be applying agile strategy to your people & culture
  • The method to find the highest value course of action, every quarter.

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Waymaker - Business Growth Software

The Leadership Diagnostic

A diagnostic tool designed for Executive coaching.

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The Business Diagnostic

A diagnostic tool designed for strategy, performance & planning.

Waymaker - Business Growth Software

The CX Diagnostic

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