Waymaker for coaches & consultants

Achieve more, do less.

Build a profitable practice with recurring long term clients & a clear ROI in growth on the back our platform.

Smarter growth starts with a smarter toolkit.


Gap analysis

Review and diagnose a business across 6 key areas, find gaps, prioritise and deliver results.


Library of playbooks

Access Waymaker Academy’s library of tools and playbooks designed for you to deliver value to your clients.

Waymaker A business in a box

A business in a box

Lead your clients to diagnose, plan, deliver and embed a strategic growth program using our platform.

Use our skills & systems to grow your business.

Waymaker partners can implement the platform, provide ongoing advisory services such as coaching and consulting using Waymaker playbooks and receive recurring fees from clients they service.

You can build a high quality, high value coaching & consulting service using Waymaker.

Most importantly, Waymaker provides data tracking of all analysis and business improvement activities so you can demonstrate your value easily and for the long term.

Your journey to growth as an Advisor

3 steps to generating revenue on Waymaker.io 

Step 1

Explore the Waymaker Partner program and discover the business benefits to building a practice on Waymaker.

Step 2

Apply to be a Waymaker Partner. Choose from the FREE or paid options. We will process your application immediately.

Step 3

Complete Waymaker Advisor Certification. Learn the platform, playbooks & accelerate your Waymaker journey.


Find gaps, build a roadmap, deliver wins.

Waymaker shows clients where they need to grow. Just lead them.

Wayaker Experience Curve Diagnostic


Take your coaching business up the curve

Whether you are delivering business improvement within your own organisation or providing consulting services, you can build your career on Waymaker.

Waymaker Certified Advisor equips & empowers you to deliver;


  • Onboarding programs to teams using Waymaker.
  • Interpreting the diagnostic to reveal growth opportunities
  • Building the strategic roadmap
  • Developing needle shifting objectives
  • Guiding the organisation to deliver on objective management
  • Facilitating and coaching performance improvement.

Certified Partner & Advisor Benefits

A truly global, scaleable coaching & consulting platform to win clients anywhere in the world.

And, every time you do, we’ll reward you.

A Waymaker Partner has completed:

  1. The Waymaker Advisor course & certification
  2. A Waymaker Partner agreement with Waymaker


Many business users or consultants may complete their Advisory course & certification for learning but only those Advisors who have signed a partner agreement with Waymaker are included in the Waymaker Partner Program.

The Waymaker Partner Program opens Advisors to receiving financial rewards for referrals and customer success.

Rapid diagostic insights

Identify pain points and problems rapidly through 8 best practice maturity diagnostics

Quick wins

Identify and plan quick wins delivered in weeks, not years creating trust, momentum and repeat business.

Long term relationships

Waymaker’s platform enables clarity of roadmap to journey with a client over time, constantly facilitating business improvement opportunities.

Work anywhere

Waymaker’s platform equips and empowers you to work anywhere and consultant to anyone in the world.

Consult from the beach, the moutains or the ski fields…. wherever you want using the power of our cloud platform to diagnose, plan and deliver strategy with your clients.

Fast path to profitability

It is possible learn, certify and win your first clients in your first 30 days or less, ensuring you have complete control to the fastest path to profit.

Financial rewards as you grow

As a certified partner be rewarded as you grow.

Earn referral fees every time you win a client to Waymaker.

No high monthly fees to be a coach here, in fact, the more clients you add to the plaform, the more we pay you.

Simply pay your user license, the one off certification course & exam and you’re off and running.

Learn online at your pace

Learn at your pace with all resources online at Waymaker Academy.

Deep support

Backed with a deep and wide knowledgebase of learning, articles, resources and playbooks for you to use with your clients, know you can have a consulting business in a box ready to get out do what you do best.

Help clients win.

Demonstrate your impact

Coach and train your clients with objective outcomes tracked through diagnostic, plans and OKRs and presented in dynamic easy to understand dashboards.

Powerful client alignment

Deliver crystal clear alignment on the journey to growth using Waymaker’s as a certified partner (Advisor).

Download the partner guide

Waymaker certified partner program

We answer the top ten questions about being partner or advisor on Waymaker.

  1. What is the partner journey?
  2. What is Waymaker?
  3. Who are Waymaker Partners?
  4. What does certification and partnership cost?
  5. Who is a Waymaker Advisor?
  6. Why be a Waymaker Partner Advisor?
  7. What does a Waymaker Advisor do?
  8. Where can a Waymaker Advisor work?
  9. How does a Waymaker Partner Program compare to DIY or a coaching franchise?
  10. How can I start growing my business?

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