Any metric, any centre, on demand. No IT required.

Waymaker is an intelligent management system for holding plans, people, and performance accountable in childcare organizations.

The health of your business is too important to ignore

It is difficult to align efforts with strategic goals

It's hard to track and improve performance

There are risks of non-compliance with laws and regulations


Simplicity meets excellence

Childcare leadership with Waymaker

Welcome to Waymaker.io, where managing your childcare centers becomes as simple as plan, track, meet, and deliver.

Our platform is designed to simplify every aspect of your operation, ensuring you can focus on what matters most: delivering outstanding childcare.

With Waymaker, you can easily navigate regulatory compliance with tailored checklists, hire and retain the best staff with our advanced people tools, and keep a close eye on your financials to maximize profitability.

Our system helps you exceed parental expectations by maintaining quality service standards and supports your educational goals by streamlining content creation and distribution.

Simplify your management tasks, keep your teams aligned, and ensure your centers stand out in a crowded market.

With Waymaker, it’s all about making your workday easier and your business stronger.


Enhance financial oversight

Gain real-time insights into your financial performance with Waymaker’s performance intelligence features.

Monitor and manage your centers’ running costs effectively, identifying opportunities for cost savings and investment to drive profitability.

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Streamline regulatory compliance

Waymaker simplifies your compliance journey with customizable checklists and task templates, ensuring your centers meet regulatory standards efficiently, reducing the risk of non-compliance costs.


Optimize staffing solutions

Our advanced hiring tools streamline the recruitment process, enabling you to attract and retain top talent.

We’ll connect to your existing HRIS, or can provide custom people management outside of your payroll and scheduling system. 

With Waymaker, you can address high staff turnover with ease, ensuring continuity and quality in your childcare services.

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Elevate customer satisfaction

Deliver exceptional experiences to families with Waymaker’s comprehensive tools.

Consistently meet and exceed parental expectations by maintaining high-quality service standards across all your centers.


Foster educational excellence

With Waymaker, you can easily create, distribute, and manage educational content and tools, ensuring your staff have what they need to provide outstanding educational outcomes.

This focus on educational development supports family retention and sets your centers apart in a competitive market.

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Explore our FAQs

What is Waymaker.io and what do they do?

Waymaker.io is a comprehensive management platform designed to streamline operations for leaders in the childcare industry. It provides tools for strategic planning, staff management, financial oversight, and educational content management, tailored specifically for businesses that operate multiple childcare centers.

How can Waymaker streamline regulatory compliance?

The platform offers customizable checklists and task templates that align with regulatory standards, making it easier to ensure each of your centers meets compliance requirements efficiently, thereby reducing the risk of incurring non-compliance costs.

What staffing solutions does Waymaker provide

Waymaker.io features advanced hiring tools that simplify the recruitment process, helping you attract and retain top talent. These tools are designed to help you reduce staff turnover and maintain high-quality childcare services across all your centers.

How does Waymaker enhance financial oversight?

With real-time performance intelligence features, Waymaker.io allows you to monitor and manage your centers’ financial health, identify cost-saving opportunities, and make informed investment decisions to boost profitability.

Does Waymaker connect to my other data?

Yes, Waymaker.io can connect different data sources and provide business intelligence across your portfolio.

Can Waymaker.io help improve customer satisfaction?

Yes, Waymaker.io equips you with tools to deliver exceptional experiences to families, helping you meet and exceed parental expectations by maintaining consistent, high-quality service standards across your centers.

How does Waymaker.io support educational excellence?

The platform enables you to create, distribute, and manage educational content and tools efficiently, ensuring that your staff have the resources they need to provide outstanding educational outcomes.

Is Waymaker.io suitable for managing a portfolio of childcare centers?

Absolutely. Waymaker.io is designed to cater to the needs of senior leaders who manage multiple childcare centers, offering centralized control and visibility over your entire portfolio’s operations.

What kind of reporting and analytics does Waymaker.io offer?

Waymaker.io provides comprehensive reporting and analytics, offering insights into various aspects of your business, including staff performance, financial metrics, compliance status, and customer satisfaction.

Can Waymaker.io be customized to fit the specific needs of my childcare centers?

Yes, Waymaker.io offers customization options to ensure the platform fits the unique needs of your centers, allowing you to tailor features such as checklists, templates, and reports to suit your specific operational requirements.

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