Business Diagnostic – Plan Better

Empower your team to plan & lead.

Leadership teams plan faster and work smarter using Waymaker Business.

Scaling your business
shouldn’t be a mystery.


But without a simple, practical way to show each leader how to grow, invest in the right skills and systems, and demonstrate their return – it’s going to cost you.

Your daily operations feel chaotic.

You focus on the wrong initiatives.

You get stuck in the drivers seat.

Your business slows.

Your current leaders get frustrated.

Your good people leave.

Everything you need to sustain clarity, alignment & results at scale.

Just as a sailor constantly tacks to reach their destination, business strategy in the 21st Century is about knowing where you going, and creating short, measurable sprints to get there. 

Waymaker Leadership Software

Business Diagnostic

The most practical pathway to create clarity, alignment, and profitable results on one page of insights, ever.


Roadmaps & Goals

Plan with Waymaker’s Roadmap, Goals, Task boards, Meetings & Dashboards.


Meetings & Tasks

Never write minutes again with the automated and intelligent meeting manager.



Create scoreboards, or use our dashboard to track critical business data.


Academy on Demand

A library of courses, playbooks, and frameworks on-demand for professional development.

Waymaker - Business Growth Software

Waymaker Business Diagnostic – Plan Faster & Work Smarter

Waymaker’s business diagnostic analyses hundreds of data points to reveal insights that help you grow.


Leadership Score

An objective measure trackable over time to show growth or decline. This is shown across 9 leadership curves to assess the entire business.


Vision Skills & Systems

10 best practice competencies and 10 best practice capabilities to develop maturity in vision development, casting, and communication.


Market Skills & Systems

8 best practice competencies and 7 best practice capabilities to develop maturity in market focus, understanding, and brand perceptions.


Strategy Skills & Systems

8 best practice competencies and 7 best practice capabilities to develop maturity in strategic position, competitive advantages, and growth paths.


Business Model Skills & Systems

12 best practice competencies and 13 best practice capabilities to develop maturity in business value, practices, and success metrics.


CX Marketing Skills & Systems

We track 19 best practice competencies and 16 best practice capabilities to develop maturity in marketing.


CX Sales Skills & Systems

We track 16 best practice capabilities and 15 competencies for sales.


CX Service Skills & Systems

We track 17 best practice capabilities and 17 competencies within the service function.


Growth Mindset

The team’s mindset and how to improve it. This is available on each curve, specific to that area of the business.


Growth Over Time

The diagnostic has unlimited reruns and data is tracked over time to show demonstrable progress.


Most Valuable Business Practice

Which of the 6 strategic areas of focus to improve for maximum value.


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