We’re excited to introduce folders, a new feature that will transform the way you organize your content across playbooks, tasks, scorecards, and data rooms.

At Waymaker.io, we’re always looking for ways to enhance your experience and boost your productivity. We understand that managing various elements like playbooks, tasks, scorecards, and data rooms can become overwhelming.

Folders in Waymaker.io

The Power of Folders in Waymaker.io

Our new folder functionality allows you to create a structured and efficient workspace, leading to a more organized working environment. Now, every user in your organization can view, create, edit, and delete folders, ensuring that everyone can contribute to and benefit from a well-organized content system.

Why Folders?

In the digital age, efficient content management is key to organizational success. Folders in Waymaker.io are not just placeholders; they’re a way to custom-organize your playbooks, task boards, scorecards, and data rooms. This means you can tailor your workspace to fit your organizational needs and enhance your team’s productivity.

Module-Specific, Organization-Wide

Folders are specific to each module—whether it’s Playbooks, Tasks, Scorecards, or the Data Library—but they’re shared across the entire organization. This shared structure allows all users to view and interact with the same organization system, ensuring consistency and clarity across the board.

For instance, an admin might set up a Playbook folder structure that includes categories like Executive, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Support, and Development Operations. This structured approach can differ in other modules, such as Data Rooms, where folders might be organized by tool or data source, like HubSpot, Azure, or Spreadsheets.

Creating and Managing Folders

Creating a folder is straightforward. Simply navigate to the module you wish to organize, click the “+ Folder” button, and name your folder. To populate the folder, go to the edit function of an item and assign it to the folder. Remember, a folder’s visibility is dependent on its contents; it will only be visible if it contains at least one item.

User Permissions and Visibility

Waymaker.io ensures that folder visibility is aligned with user permissions. If a user sees an empty folder, it indicates they don’t have access to its contents. However, they can add accessible items to any visible folder.

Editing and Deleting Folders

Editing a folder’s name is just a click away with the ‘Edit’ function. If you need to delete a folder, the ‘Delete’ function prompts you for confirmation, after which the contents of the deleted folder are moved to the default folder, ensuring no loss of information.


Have questions about using folders? Our support article provides a comprehensive guide on creating, managing, and optimizing folders in Waymaker.io.


What is the purpose of introducing folders in Waymaker.io?
Folders are designed to help users organize and manage their playbooks, tasks, scorecards, and data rooms more effectively, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Who can create, edit, or delete folders in Waymaker.io?
All users within an organization can view, create, edit, and delete folders, making it a collaborative feature that enhances organizational efficiency.

Will deleting a folder also delete its contents?
No, deleting a folder will not delete its contents. Instead, any items within the deleted folder will be automatically moved to the default folder in the respective module.

How do I add an item to a folder?
To add an item to a folder, go to the edit function of the item and select or type in the name of the folder you want to add the item to.

Can folders be created in all modules of Waymaker.io?
Yes, folders can be created in specific modules such as Playbooks, Tasks, Scorecards, and the Data Library.

Are the folders visible to all users in the organization?
Yes, folders are shared across the entire organization within each module, allowing all users to view and interact with the same structure.

What happens if I create a folder but don’t add any items to it?
A folder without any items will not be visible. To make a folder visible, you need to add at least one item to it.

Can I move items from one folder to another?
Yes, users can move items between folders by using the edit function on the item and selecting a new folder for it.

Is there a limit to the number of folders I can create?
There is no set limit to the number of folders you can create, allowing for extensive organization and customization.

How can I find a specific folder or item within a folder quickly?
Use the search functionality within each module to locate folders or items swiftly by their name.

Can I customize the appearance of my folders?
Currently, folders do not support customization of icons or colors to maintain a uniform and clear appearance for all users.

What should I consider when naming my folders?
While folder names do not need to be unique across modules, it’s recommended to choose distinct and descriptive names to avoid confusion.

How does the folder feature affect the way we use Waymaker.io?
The folder feature streamlines the organization of content, making it easier for users to find, access, and manage various items, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

What should I do if I need to reorganize my folders?
Users can edit folder names and move items between folders as needed to ensure the organizational structure remains aligned with their current needs.

Where can I get more help or information about using folders in Waymaker.io?
For detailed guidance and tips on using folders, users can visit our support article here.

This new folder functionality is just a beginning. We’re excited to see how our folder feature will enhance your organizational efficiency and look forward to bringing you more tools to help you achieve your strategic goals.

Embrace Organization

With the introduction of folders, Waymaker.io takes another step forward in helping you streamline your workflow and enhance your organizational efficiency. Start organizing your content with folders today and experience the difference in your workflow and productivity.

We invite you to explore this new feature and see firsthand how it can transform your Waymaker.io experience.

For more details and guidance, check out our detailed support article or take the first step toward a more organized and efficient workspace and book a demo with our team.

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