Introducing shareable playbooks in Waymaker.

Shared Playbooks are ideal for plans, reports, boards, committees, collaboration projects, events, or any time you need to publish and share information with a broader group quickly, easily, and securely.

Public Playbooks Shared playbooks revolutionize strategic alignment

Playbooks are like special digital notebooks that everyone on a team can write in, see, and use all at the same time. Users can not only collaborate on content but add Waymaker data modules of:

  • Goals
  • Outcomes
  • Roadmaps
  • Scorecards
  • Task boards
  • Task lists

In addition, users can embed external data or content via iFrames.

Playbooks can be shared privately or publicly

Playbooks can be private, collaborative, or public.

Private: just have yourself as a member.

Collaborative: Add colleagues as members who are licensed users of Waymaker. These members can be ‘Editors’ or ‘View only’ members.

Public: Share a link to a view only playbook which becomes it’s own micro-site.

Explore this article in our Help Centre for more detail.

Watch the Video: Publish playbooks with public sharing

Playbook personalization

When creating a shared public playbook, leaders can do the following to personalize the end user experience.

PLAYBOOK SHARING SETTINGS 1 Shared playbooks revolutionize strategic alignment

Add branding

Add an icon or logo, this will appear in the top left of the public playbook.

Allow post comments

Turn on or off posts. This allows public users to comment on the content of the playbook or page.

Secure with a password

Public playbooks can be shared but secured with a password, ensuring only those with the URL and the password can access the content.

How shared Playbooks help leaders

Let’s talk about how these playbooks are really helpful for people working together in a business.

Keeping Everyone Updated Instantly

When someone in the team makes a change or adds something new to the playbook, everyone else can see it straight away. This is great because it means no one gets left out or misses anything important.

All Important Stuff in One Place

Waymaker.io’s playbooks put all the team’s important notes and plans in one place. This means no one gets confused by old versions or different files, and it’s clear what the team is doing.

Choosing Who Can See What

In a team, not everyone needs to see everything. Waymaker.io’s playbooks let the team leader decide who can look at what. This keeps private things safe but still lets everyone work together where they need to.

Connecting with Other Data

The playbooks can connect with other computer programs the team uses, which can save time and make everything work better together.

Making Team Projects Simple with Playbooks

Playbooks from Waymaker.io let everyone on a team add their ideas and see what others are doing right away. This helps everyone work together smoothly and keeps everyone on the same page, which is very important when you’re working as a team.

Talking and Deciding Together

Teams can talk and make decisions right in the playbooks, which is much better than sending lots of emails back and forth.

Keeping Track of Changes

Waymaker.io keeps a history of the last 10 versions of text sections in playbooks, so it’s easy to look back and see how decisions were made or to fix a mistake.

Less Email Clutter

Because everyone can talk and plan in the playbooks, there are fewer emails to deal with, which makes everyone’s inbox less crowded.

For someone leading a team, like a Chief of Staff, Waymaker’s shareable playbooks revolutionize strategic alignment. They make it easier to work with others, keep track of what everyone is doing, and help the team do their best work together.

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