Strategic document collaboration for plans, projects, reporting & accountability.

Today we release Playbooks for all users.

Write plans, reports, procedures, run projects, and publish policies. Or, just create and store the notes & content that matter for your role and organisation.

Our vision for playbooks is to be the place to integrate written content with goals, tasks, scorecards, and dynamic data from Waymaker or any other data platform.

This vision for playbooks aligns with our platform vision of Waymaker becoming the agile command centre for an organisation – the place to plan, track, meet, & improve.

Waymaker Playbooks help leaders and teams collaborate, plan faster, execute more easily, and deliver better results.

Be the playmaker your team needs

Think of playbooks as books or documents that can be created and shared with other users.


Where can you find Playbooks

You’ll find a new module on the main menu, Playbooks.

You’ll see a screen just like Tasks, and Scorecards, where you can create your first playbook.

Click ‘+ Playbook’.

Start writing, add any number of pages.

Playbooks module Introducing Waymaker Playbooks

For help on creating your first playbook, visit Waymaker’s Help Centre for Playbooks.

What kind of content can you put into a Playbook?

Almost any kind of written content, embedded content, or attachment.

Playbooks content Introducing Waymaker Playbooks

We’re working on allowing users to embed Waymaker data, such as goals, scorecards, task boards, and meetings.

And, we’re working on allowing you to embed external data such as PowerBI, Tableau or any other visualisation dashboards that use iframes as a standard protocol.

You’ll see these become available over the coming days and weeks.

Who can access Playbooks?

All users can create their own playbooks. There is no limit on the number of playbooks you can have.

Once you’ve created a playbook, just add team members. Choose a user, a team, or add your partner if you’re working with a Waymaker Partner.

Adding members allows you to set permissions on who can see and do what in your playbook.

If you add a member, they can see the playbook in their playbooks.

As the owner, you’re a default ‘Editor’. In the playbook settings you can set members as ‘Editors’ or ‘Read only’.

Editors can edit the playbook, pages, and contents. Read only members can only view, favourite, or post a comment in the feed of the playbook.

Use ‘Read only’ for things like standard operating procedures, policies, final reports, or any content you will want your team members to read, but not edit.

Use ‘Editor’ for collaborating in real-time on shared documents. This is great for plans, projects, development scoping, note taking, or ideation and workshops.

Playbooks readonly Introducing Waymaker Playbooks

We’re working on a template centre where you can access pre-built templates that currently live in Waymaker Academy, or where you can build your own templates for your own teams.

You will see these features start to drop over the coming weeks too.

Favorite for easy access

Any user can favorite a playbook which will make it quick and easy to access that playbook. When a playbook is a ‘favorite’, you’ll add a new item under “Playbooks’ on the main menu and you’ll add the playbook to your Home screen.

Playbooks homescreen Introducing Waymaker Playbooks

Auto save and go back in time with version history

As you’re writing and collaborating Waymaker will save your content in real-time and we’ll provide up to 10 save points for version history.

At any time, an editor can access ‘History’ from the playbook menu and view a version of that page. The page can be restored, or you can copy content from that past version.

Playbooks history Introducing Waymaker Playbooks

Get started with Waymaker Playbooks

As always, tell us what you need, and we’ll build it. To do that, just use the ‘Feedback & Feature Request’ in your settings menu (click on your profile image in the main header).

If you are not yet a Waymaker, sign up here, or book a call with us here.

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