Imagine a world where you can download the world’s best practice planning, strategy, and performance templates straight into your own organization.

Today, we release templates in Waymaker Playbooks.

Playbook templates empower you to build world class repeatable systems of content for planning, projects, and business improvement.

Templates can hold content, iframes, and Waymaker data from across the platform. This means you can create a plan, or a project, add a scorecard or taskboard and retain this for future use by yourself or your team.

Playbook templates are available on the home page of the Waymaker Playbook module.

Waymaker playbook templates

Personal playbook templates and global playbook templates

There are two types of templates.

Waymaker templates

These are published by Waymaker and are global templates available to all users of Waymaker. They are found in your ‘Waymaker Templates’.

Personal templates

These are published by users within your instance of Waymaker are unique to you and your organization. They are found in your ‘Templates’ tab.

Waymaker templates accelerate planning, projects, and performance management

We have published a range of templates for building clarity, alignment, and performance across your team.

To access global templates takes only a few clicks.

Do the following.

  1. Click the tab Waymaker templates within your playbooks.
  2. Click and open a Waymaker template. The playbook will open in a new tab in the public view allowing you to explore, not edit, the contents.
  3. To download the template to your Waymaker account, choose ‘Deploy’ in the top right of the screen.

Global templates include Waymaker’s Clarity Canvas’ and Clarity Statements for workshops and team building.

In addition, they include world class, best practice, pre-built business planning and project templates.

We’ll continue to add to the template library and optimize these based on your feedback.

Waymaker business plan playbook template

What sets our Playbook Templates apart is the ability to not just use, but also modify these global templates.

Leaders can download a template, tweak it to fit their organization’s context, and save it as their own.

This feature empowers leaders to blend global best practices with their localized knowledge, creating a strategy that is both world-class and intimately suited to their organization’s needs.

You can now accelerate your business planning or projects with the first 17 new Waymaker Templates available to every user of Waymaker.

Waymaker Business Plan TemplateFacilitates comprehensive business planning, ensuring strategic alignment and operational efficiency.
Waymaker Marketing Plan TemplateAssists in crafting targeted marketing strategies, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.
Waymaker Sales Plan TemplateSupports the development of effective sales strategies, optimizing revenue growth and market penetration.
Waymaker Service Plan TemplateAids in designing customer-centric service plans, improving satisfaction and loyalty.
Waymaker IT Plan TemplateGuides the structuring of IT strategies, aligning technology with business objectives for enhanced performance.
Waymaker People & Culture Plan TemplateEnables the creation of people-focused strategies, fostering a productive and positive organizational culture.
Waymaker Role Description TemplateProvides a framework for clear role definitions, enhancing recruitment and performance management.
Waymaker Vision Canvas and Clarity Statement TemplateClarifies organizational vision, facilitating strategic decision-making and goal setting.
Waymaker Market Canvas and Clarity Statement TemplateHelps in analyzing market dynamics, informing effective market positioning and strategy.
Waymaker Strategy Canvas and Clarity Statement TemplateOffers a structured approach to strategic planning, ensuring alignment with business goals.
Waymaker Business Model Canvas and Clarity Statement TemplateEnables a holistic view of business models, driving innovation and competitive advantage.
Waymaker Customer Journey Canvas and Clarity Statement TemplateMaps customer journey, identifying opportunities to enhance customer experience and engagement.
Waymaker CX Promise Canvas and Clarity Statement TemplateFocuses on customer experience strategy, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
Waymaker Employee Journey Canvas and Clarity Statement TemplateCharts the employee experience, aiding in the development of a motivated and engaged workforce.
Waymaker EX Promise Canvas and Clarity Statement TemplateTargets employee experience strategies, promoting a strong organizational culture and talent retention.
Waymaker Performance Architecture TemplateProvides a framework for aligning performance with strategic objectives, enhancing overall organizational effectiveness.
Waymaker project plan templateProvides a detailed project plan framework ready to accelerate project work. Use and adapt for your projects and organization.

You can start using these templates now in your Waymaker app.

Visit Playbooks in the Waymaker app, click on Waymaker templates, click on a playbook to explore it’s contents, hit ‘deploy’ to clone that playbook into your playbooks ready to edit and use.

Learn more here in the Waymaker Help Centre here: https://help.waymaker.io/knowledge/playbooks/how-to-create-a-playbook-template

Personal templates

You can create any kind of playbook template your organization needs by creating the content and saving it as a template. This will add that playbook to your ‘Templates’ tab.

You can add other team members so they can access the template and use it in their daily work too.

Playbook templates empower users to build the specific frameworks and tools your team needs, such as a management report, a sales plan, a marketing plan, a project plan.

There are no limits on personal templates, create as many as you need.

We’ve built this feature for leaders and managers who want to equip and empower their teams with the tools to make work faster, clearer, and more effective.

Set clarity and alignment for your team

The purpose of Playbook Templates is to provide leaders with clarity, enabling them to find and execute strategies faster and more effectively.

These templates are more than just tools; they are catalysts for success.

Explore Waymaker Playbooks by start a free trial here, or book a demo with our team here.

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