Playbooks become even more powerful with Waymaker data integrated into page content.

This means you can add Waymaker scorecards, goals, outcomes, or tasks dynamically into the page of your playbook.

Waymaker data in playbook pages

Waymaker is an agile command centre, if you build a plan with targets, see those target’s progress in real-time and engage directly with the data and the person who is responsible.

We’re making it easier to see who is accountable to the data the drives your results so you can help them win, and deliver results.

Waymaker data is added to a page in a playbook using a new feature called a ‘Page Section’.

Waymaker data using page sections

Page sections allow you to add different kinds of content onto a page.

Waymaker data is live, automatically updating performance content such as goals, outcomes, tasks, or scorecards.

If you’re building a plan, drop in the performance data that’s relevant and see it update in real-time.

Watch this overview

Watch this short, 2 minute overview of Playbooks and inserting Waymaker Scorecard data into a business plan.


Waymaker data in playbooks

About playbooks

With Waymaker Playbooks you can write plans, reports, procedures, run projects, and publish policies. Or, just create and store the notes & content that matter for your role and organisation.

Our vision for playbooks is to be the place to integrate written content with goals, tasks, scorecards, and dynamic data from Waymaker or any other data platform.

This vision for playbooks aligns with our platform vision of Waymaker becoming the agile command centre for an organisation – the place to plan, track, meet, & improve.

Waymaker Playbooks help leaders and teams collaborate, plan faster, execute more easily, and deliver better results.

Getting started

For more information on how to use Playbooks, visit our Help Centre here.

Or, to get started sign up now here, or, book a demo with our team here.

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