We’ve made 3 new updates to make a meeting easier and faster.

  1. Canvas controls
  2. Agenda content item editor
  3. Meeting minute template update

Canvas controls

The canvas controls allow the user to personalize their view of the meeting by expanding or contracting the left, middle, or right panel of the meeting canvas. 

Use the ‘Minimize’ option above each section. 

Waymaker meetings - content updates

Agenda content items editor

To improve control and speed of capturing notes in a meeting, we’ve released a more intuitive content item editor. 

In a meeting, there is an agenda, set when creating the meeting type or edited in a meeting. (Read more here) with each item in the agenda known as an agenda item. Items within within a specific agenda item are known as an agenda content item. 

The simple hierarchy is as follows. 


> Agenda item

>> Agenda content item

>> Related tasks

Previously a user would add a content item by creating, titling, editing, saving, and relating tasks this process. This was too clunky for a fast paced meeting. 

As we all like to believe, a good meeting is a quick meeting. 

Welcome to the new Content Item editor. 

Waymaker meetings - content updates

The new Content Items editor provides greater control and speed allowing a user to create multiple content items without having to save. 

Add new items on the same screen and see existing items appear. 

Click on a specific item to open the the editor and add tasks. 

In addition, each new content item has two new buttons.

  1. Turn to task: a content item can be turned into a task with one click
  2. Add task: create a task and relate this to the content item

These two buttons enable rapid task automation and task alignment.

Waymaker meetings - content updates

Please note, in our default agenda template there are two standard agenda items; wins and goal/task review. These two items now adopt the same user experience behaviors as a custom agenda item if included in an agenda. The Roadblock agenda item retains its unique tool set for roadblock removal. 

Meeting minutes  

Meeting minutes are created as a pdf when a user ‘ends’ the meeting. Minutes are automated based on the behavior of users on agenda items, goals, and tasks. 

The minutes template has been updated to more clearly communicate agenda items, agenda content items and the tasks related to them. It is a simpler, cleaner layout. 

This new layout applies to all users and is live now for all meeting minutes created.

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