We’ve introduced tags on goals and tasks to help you filter to what you want to see quickly and easily.

As your team grows, so too does the volume of goals and tasks. Here’s how you can manage those in a breeze with Waymaker.io


What are tags?

Tags are a simple and easy way to categorize and organize tasks and goals in your own way. 

A tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information.

This kind of metadata describes an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching within Waymaker’s search bar or search filter.

Why use tags on goals and tasks?

Tasks and goals can only have a single status, owner and board (in the case of tasks). 

Tags provide an additional dimension to search and identify themes and projects and track specific goals and tasks within Waymaker.

For example, you might tag a number of tasks on a task board with the term “sales” to recognize all the tasks that the sales team might do on a project. 

Or, you might tag a goal with “market expansion” because you wanted to look at all the goals related to a strategic theme called “market expansion”.

Tags are completely customizable and unlimited so you can create as many tags as you need. You can add one tag or many to a single task or goal, run searches and sort on them using the task and goal filter sets. And because tags are so flexible you can use them however suits you and the team best.

If your business is running strategic projects using Waymaker’s task boards, tags are a great way to cut through the noise of what is going on. Where several stakeholders are using different boards, you can go to task list view and filter by tag. This will give you an overview of the project, who is working on what and the progress being made.

If the business has come up with a theme around strategic goals and you manage multiple teams, ask your teams to add a tag with the theme title to get a quick overview of the goals that relate to each theme.

How to create a tag on a goal

To add a tag to a goal, click to edit a goal.

tags for goals and tasks

In the goal editor, in the input labeled tags, type the tag label you would like to apply to the goal and hit return to add the tag.

mceclip4 Waymaker release 22.4.6, introducing tags for goals and tasks

To read the help article, go here: https://support.waymaker.io/hc/en-us/articles/12247972348697-Goal-Task-tags

How to create a tag on a task

To add a tag to a task, click the task title to open the task editor. 

mceclip0 Waymaker release 22.4.6, introducing tags for goals and tasks

Then, in the input labeled tags, type the tag label you want to apply to the task and hit return.

mceclip2 Waymaker release 22.4.6, introducing tags for goals and tasks

To read the help article go here: https://support.waymaker.io/hc/en-us/articles/12247972348697#h_01GH84N469C5P45X0W9Y3F4H6F

How to search or filter using a tag

Filter goals using tags

You can filter goals by tags in roadmap, goals and dashboard modules.

In roadmap, to filter by tag, click the filter button, set your filter criteria, including tag, and the goal cards will be updated to display the goals that meet the criteria set.

mceclip19 Waymaker release 22.4.6, introducing tags for goals and tasks

Filter tasks using tags

Open the filter and set the criteria you need, including the tag, and the list will display tasks that meet your filter criteria, including tags. You can do this on a Taskboard, or on the Taskboard home screen to apply to all tasks.

mceclip15 Waymaker release 22.4.6, introducing tags for goals and tasks

Pro tip on tags for tasks

To improve time management, add tags with time estimates to complete the task.

For example, add the tag “15min” to tasks that you estimate will only take 15 minutes.

The next time you are between meetings and only have 15 minutes, search for the 15min tag and choose a task to complete, you could use a similar process to prioritize your tasks.

Tags for goals and tasks is live for every user

Tagging in a task management system is really easy.

To get started, log in to Waymaker and start editing your existing tasks or goals.

If you’re not yet using Waymaker’s performance intelligence platform, you can start a free trial or talk to us here.

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