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How to do custom meeting agenda items with ease

by | Nov 23, 2022

We’ve made an update to the Waymaker Meetings module.

All users can now create create custom agenda items, custom notes on the canvas and use drag and drop to order agendas and the canvas in real time.

Table of contents

Waymaker Meetings

What is Waymaker Meetings?

Waymaker Meetings accelerates goal delivery with automated meeting management and automatic minutes and distribution.

Waymaker Meetings is not interested in solving the problem of schedule a meeting (we’ve left that Office or G-Suite), and we’re not interested in solving the problem of how to meet (we’ve left that to Zoom and Teams), we’re interested in helping leaders run great meeting by having the right content so it’s an effective use of time.

Research tell us that poorly run meetings can cost ~$25,000 USD per employee per year. It doesn’t take long for bad meetings to become a million dollar problem.

Waymaker is fixing that insane waste of time, money, and resources.

And, we are making progress. Customers tell us they feel 2 – 4x more effective running meetings in Waymaker.

Meetings and the operating rhythm

Every organization has set meetings that run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Meetings like a leadership team meeting, a sales meeting, a Marketing WIP, a product meeting, or a one-on-one with manager and employee can be run faster, easier, and more effectively in Waymaker Meetings.

Waymaker Meetings allows the meeting owner to create a partner record on the meeting and set the following.

  • Title
  • Purpose
  • Frequency
  • Standard agenda items
  • Integration with goals
  • Integration with tasks
  • Standard attendee list

Each time the meeting runs, Waymaker pre-loads all of this information based on the updated content from the last meeting.

Waymaker also writes your minutes, turns it into a document and sends the pdf to the attendee list.

Did you catch that? Waymaker also writes your meeting minutes, turns them into a document and sends the pdf to the attendee list.

Never miss what matters in a meeting and fail to record good, well structured minutes.

Never write meeting minutes again… ever.

Meeting agenda management

Agendas are more than just a list of discussion points. They are essential road maps for meetings, outlining the associated topics and updates that team members need to address.

Preparing a business meeting agenda can make all the difference between an engaging, productive meeting versus a chaotic waste of people’s time. 

A meeting agenda helps you set a clear purpose for the meeting and the participants’ expectations about what will be discussed and allows the team to come to the meeting prepared.

It gives the meeting structure and order providing a checklist to ensure all topics are covered.

Now, it’s even easier to create custom agenda items with their own notes canvas.

Waymaker Meetings has three sections to the meeting layout.

Firstly, on the left, essential meeting information including the agenda and attendees.

Secondly, in the middle, productive content capture on agenda items.

Thirdly, on the right are the integrated goals and tasks for execution focus.

The customizable agenda powers the middle of the screen. Your preset agenda will load a content canvas for every agenda item.

If you require a one-off agenda item, simply add that to the agenda and you’ll see it appear on the agenda and a new content canvas appears in the middle section.

Waymaker Meeting agenda automation

Now users can drag and drop the agenda to reorganize the agenda and the middle section will self-organize with a content canvas for each agenda item.

These custom content canvas can have notes added and attributed to people attending.

Automated minutes. Yes, really. Automated meeting minutes.

When you hit that magic button, ‘End Meeting’, Waymaker will package all meeting minutes, including your customer content canvases.

Waymaker Meetings is a powerful, flexible, meeting management tool to help leaders run more effective meetings than ever before, with less effort.

Additional meeting resources

Check out these learning resources in Waymaker Academy.

How to run effective;

And, these help articles on the Waymaker Knowledgebase.

By <a href="https://waymaker.io/author/stuart-leo/" target="_self">Stuart Leo</a>

By Stuart Leo

Published on November 23, 2022

Stuart is the CEO & Founder of Waymaker. Stuart is a passionate believer in helping people find their organization's true north and giving them the tools to get them there. When not exploring new ideas in leadership and management, Stuart is with his family exploring the beautiful regions, islands and coast of Australia.

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