A business coach or consultant can be the key to unlocking faster growth.

According to the Pew Research Center, there are approximately 16 million self-employed Americans. Working for yourself can be a dream. You can set your own hours, design your own life and build a team.

It’s no wonder so many people across the world are choosing to create their own businesses. But, being the boss has its challenges. The ability to wear many hats and grow your business is difficult.

How can you help your company thrive and stay sane in the process?

Consider hiring a business coach.

A business coach can be a wealth of knowledge to help take your business to the next level.

Coaches help develop your business strategy. They can guide you to create or build upon a business plan. But, even more important, a business coach can inspire you.

They can even become a valuable asset to your enterprise.

Read on to discover the top seven reasons for hiring a business coach.  

1. Accountability 

One of the biggest challenges working for yourself is being accountable. Accountability is hard when you don’t have a boss or large company support. You may find yourself putting off important tasks.

Or, you may lack the motivation to get the work done. This is where a business coach steps in. A coach helps you set and follow through on your business goals.

They will help create a plan that works for your schedule and interests and keep you accountable.

While a coach isn’t there to do the work for you, they can keep you on track with weekly check-ins, take-home work assignments, and other tactics. 

Importantly a coach or advisor can guide you through asking and answering tough questions.

2. Someone Cheering You On 

Sometimes launching or running a business can feel like an ungratifying pursuit. You may have family or friends who have doubted your decisions. Why did you leave that stable 9 to 5 again?

A business coach is there to support your decisions, goals, and dreams. They are the ultimate person in your corner to cheer you on and help you to believe in yourself. Without self-belief or trust in your own vision, how can your business succeed?

The best business coach won’t say “well done” for any old accomplishment. They will cheer you on when you’ve truly done the work and are in alignment with your goals.

They will also help align your team to the right goals so that your time is free for lifestyle pursuits or to work on the more important matters of the business.

Growth with a business coach

3. Collaboration 

The secret ingredient missing from your successful business may be collaboration. A business coach is like an extension of your team.

Speaking from their own expertise and business experiences, coaches can offer their opinions, guidance, and ideas.

This exchange of information creates the ultimate collaborative environment. And as your business grows, you can use these tactics to build collaborative teams.  

4. Put Systems in Place 

If you already have employees or teams, how do you organize tasks? Or, how will you remember that business coach meeting scheduled for next week?

You need a platform for strategic alignment.

The Waymaker platform helps you and your team to plan and deliver on your business strategy.

Waymaker business coach growth


Clearly Communicate 

The Waymaker platform allows you to connect your business vision, projects, and performance. An easy-to-use dashboard can help improve your team’s performance.

For example, team members can set per-quarter goals. And, the dashboard provides predictive analytics on progress and likelihood of those goals being met.

You can use this information to develop your business strategy.

You can even show the reports to your business coach to prove your company’s progress.  

5. Grow Your Profits 

A business coach is an investment to grow your company’s profits and revenues. When you invest in yourself and the training, expect a return.

A business coach will help identify realistic profitability goals and may even have ideas for cutting company costs. These tips can help you increase revenue. A business coach may also have creative ideas for budgeting your business and will know where you need to invest. 

6. Use Your Time More Wisely 

Ahh, the myth of business owner’s excessive free time. Many investors and successful business professionals attest that entrepreneurs work harder and longer hours than employees.

As a business owner, you may struggle to manage your time or complete important tasks. If you manage employees, this can be even more challenging to find enough hours in the day to complete your own responsibilities. A business coach is an expert at managing time.

Coaches can assess business operations and examine how you spend working hours. They will make suggestions and help you decide where to devote your energy. For example, if you are having trouble letting go, a business coach can help you release some of your responsibilities.

Divide and Conquer  

With platforms like Waymaker, you won’t have to worry that your team lacks organization. This platform outlines each team member’s responsibilities, goals, and action plan. So, you can spend more time working on the parts of your business that require attention.  

7. Find Your Inspiration 

You put in the hard work of launching your company. But lately, you’re in a rut.

Are you lacking the creativity to launch a new product? Want a new logo design but don’t know where to begin? A business coach can help unleash your creative side.

They can help you draw inspiration from places outside the office you may have never imagined. When you are able to create and have fun you can bring fresh and exciting concepts to your business. This will help attract clients, keep employees engaged and grow the business. 

A Business Coach is the Resource Your Company Needs 

Next time you search “business coach near me,” consider these rewarding benefits of hiring a professional. A business coach’s job is more than growing your company. They can impart sustainable best practices that can change your mentality and perspective.

Remember that a business coach is there to keep you accountable for your goals and responsibilities. These professionals can be your ultimate support system to cheer you on and foster collaboration.

Along with hiring a coach, empower your business and employees with Waymaker. If you’re looking for a powerful system to help grow your business and develop team member’s goals, try the platform for free

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