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Customer story: Not your normal Shrink at Shrink&Co

by | Oct 31, 2022

“Waymaker challenged us to ask the right questions of our business, showed us how to find the answers and in doing so we’ve designed a better business.…” – Dr Hadikusumo

Shrink & Co. is a multidisciplinary organization who provide high-quality mental health care and support services in Australia.

The challenge

A fast growing organization, Shrink & Co, were experiencing the need to clarify, align, and focus on the work that mattered most in order to deliver the best healthcare service.

The solution

Working directly with Waymaker’s Australian Customer Success Leaders, the business, led by CEO and leading Australian Psychiatrist, Dr Hadikusumo, began working on building a better healthcare business.

For Dr Hadikusumo and his team of mental health disability experts this resulted in simplifying the business model, focussing on the customer and employee experience and making leadership development a central tenant of their people development.

The outcome

Using Waymaker’s business diagnostic, goal setting, and leadership tools, Dr Hadikusumo has seen his leadership team align, workflow simplify, new technology implemented to scale customer experiences and is passionately working on building the best employee experience in the industry.

“Waymaker challenged us to ask the right questions of our business, showed us how to find the answers and in doing so we’ve designed a better business. You don’t know how much you don’t know until hard questions are asked of you.  Then the growth journey begins.””

While the matter of business improvement is a process continuous improvement, there has already been significant growth. With the establishment of the Waymaker Way in the organization the team is equipped to lead compounding strategic growth into the future.

Waymaker is a Realtime Performance Intelligence Platform

Realtime performance intelligence for a business means everyone knows where they stand, leaders can lead, team members receive effective coaching, and the business is better. Waymaker PIP uses diagnostics, goals, OKRs, roadmaps, and dashboards to power your performance intelligence.

Talk to us today if you would like to learn more.

By <a href="https://waymaker.io/author/stuart-leo/" target="_self">Stuart Leo</a>

By Stuart Leo

Published on October 31, 2022

Stuart is the CEO & Founder of Waymaker. Stuart is a passionate believer in helping people find their organization's true north and giving them the tools to get them there. When not exploring new ideas in leadership and management, Stuart is with his family exploring the beautiful regions, islands and coast of Australia.

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