Customer story: Meet meetmagic.org this is their story, Waymakers for business & social change.

meetmagic.org customer story for Waymaker

About meetmagic

meetmagic.org is a marketplace of business meetings that make the world a better place.

By connecting the world’s best innovation and technology leaders with business leaders for conversations that matter, everyone wins.

Members save time and money by booking meetings with target executives from enterprise. Executives give their to meet with people who can help them solve business problems, meetmagic donates 70% of its fee’s to charity.

meetmagic.org create the magic by matching the right members with the right executives.

The executive wins, the member wins and the charity wins.

Only a few months into 2021 this young start-up has donated almost $500,000 to charity and has partnered with 2 Australian and 3 international charities in Singapore, NZ and the UK.

The challenge

meetmagic.org is an innovative start-up with boundless energy and a massive heart for social change.

Founder & CEO, Carl Gough and his team were busy making lots happen but knew growth required some changes.

The business needed clarity, alignment and focus.

The most valuable change was simply making sure all the energy was moving in the same direction together.

The solution

Meetmagic were early participants in Waymaker during it’s beta life pre-launch.

During the 2020 COVID shutdowns meetmagic.org worked with Stuart and the Waymaker.io team, aligning vision, market, strategy, business model, customer and employee experience.

Meetmagic.org invested in process, system and teamwork.

Waymaker Sensemaking Framework

The outcome

meetmagic.org focussed on clear goals that came from asking and answering the 7 Questions and then worked as a team to hit them. 

“We set big scary goals and we set simple functional goals… the crazy thing is we hit them!  The simple process of setting clear goals that close gaps in maturity has a magical outcome in business results… and that’s good for everybody!”

Founder and CEO, Carl Gough

meetmagic.org are now operating in Singapore, growing in Australia and building the amazing Meeting for Good model in the UK and beyond.

With a pragmatic focus on making connections valuable, the meetmagic.org team know in the end, kindness always wins.

If you’re an executive who can donate 45 mins to host a Meeting for Good, or a vendor who can solve real problems for enterprise organizations, visit meetmagic.org

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