Meet ALC Projects, here is their customer story: Waymakers in the property industry.

“We get the job done at ALC, it’s what we love to do. Waymaker’s roadmap and dashboard makes it crystal clear where we are going and what we need to achieve.

We are clear.”

Alf Corapi, Director ALC Projects

Asset 8ALC Customer story: ALC Projects, making a way in property

ALC Projects are specialist investment property aggregators

The challenge

ALC Projects recognised doing lots of different types of projects in property was ineffective and unsustainable.

Whilst money was being made, it was difficult to scale parts of the business .

The business leaders acknowledged to build a great business alignment and simplicity were needed.

“After many hectic years in business and being opportunistic, it was time to focus, align and reset for a new growth season. Stuart and the Waymaker team have helped us do that.

Chris Allen, Director ALC Projects

The solution

ALC Projects took the downtime during the COVID crisis to reframe, align and sharpen their business.

Working directly with Waymaker.io and going deep on the 7 Questions, the leaders of the business sharpened their focus on their vision, ideal customer, strategy, business model and go to market.

Investing in customer needs, digital processes and problem solving the business was reshaped.

ALC New Website 1 Customer story: ALC Projects, making a way in property

The outcome

The result is a stronger, more focused and simpler business capable of handling the growth rising property markets.

The team at ALC are now through multiple quarters of planning and delivery and the results are unfolding.

ALC Projects have jumped double digits on their Waymaker XScore indicating clarity, focus and alignment and most importantly, customers are growing, deals are flowing and market feedback is shaping the future of the business.

The success of the customer story for ALC Projects is not in the single destination but journey of making business improvement, business as usual.

Visit ALCprojects.com.au

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