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18: Waypoints & Scorecards | An Introduction

In this episode we introduce two new features to Waymaker’s performance intelligence platform.
Waypoints and Scorecards simplify complex data sets and show only the insights that matter. You can create them in just a few clicks and connect the data to the people in your organization who lead the change!

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17: An Introduction to The Leadership Curve Part 2

In this episode we continue to talk about the Leadership Curve and in particular the 6 stages of organizational growth – from ideation to maturity and re-invention. Stu and Craig discuss the challenges of staying true to your character and identity as an organisation when you are wrestling with external forces, and we suggest that the LEAdership Curve may have prevented Meta from finding themselves in their current state in 2022!

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15: Moving from Reactive Chaos to Strategic Agility

Strategic agility is the ability of an organization to anticipate, react and adapt to change quickly and effectively.
It is the key driver of organizational success in today’s ever-changing business environment. In this episode, we discuss this idea and provide insights into how to make better decisions, execute goals more effectively and become more adaptable to change.

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14: How to NOT SUCK at Running Meetings

The reality is that most meetings suck. The problem is that they are a reality of the modern organization. The solution however is not found in better scheduling, better technologies or even better software to facilitate meetings remotely. Meetings are better when we understand WHY we meet. In this episode, Stu and Craig discuss the WHY, and how the new Meetings Module inside Waymaker helps make meetings great again.

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13: Sell More with Waymaker CX

In this episode, Craig & Stu talk about the problem of reliable revenue streams for businesses and entrepreneurs, and how Waymaker CX helps solve this problem, offering a pathway to peace of mind by building a predictable revenue cycle – every quarter.

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12: Become a Better Leader with Waymaker

When we talk to leaders, we often hear the same frustration. There is so much information out there on what you need to do to be a better leader – but not much that tells you how to be a better leader today, in your world. In this episode, Craig & Stu talk about Waymaker’s new leadership diagnostic and how it may just revolutionize the way we approach leadership development in the future.

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