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Waymaker Advisor Certification


Waymaker Advisor Certification

Free – Included in the Partner license onlyWaymaker Academy Course cost

16hr 00minsHow long is this Waymaker Academy course?


This course is the foundation course for Waymaker Advisors.

The Advisor Certification is only available to Partners licenses.  There is no additional charge, the course is included in your license. 

The course will guide the coach through what Waymaker is, the role they plan, the essentials of the Waymaker methodology, the fundamentals of the software, the core components of leading and managing using the framework and ultimately how to grow a client using Waymaker.

Importantly this course will detail how to onboard a customer and embed the Waymaker way into a client.

This will set up a client for long term retained success.

This is the foundation course for Waymaker Advisors.

Each module includes a digital assessment and a total of 50 questions will be asked.

The pass rate is 100%.

The test is not proctored and users a free to access learning materials during the assessment.

All successful completions will be issued the Waymaker Advisor Certification.

Learning outcomes

There are 8 Course modules which provides all the foundation learning to be a Waymaker Advisor.

  • What is Waymaker
  • The role of a Waymaker Advisor
  • How to grow the Waymaker Way
  • Waymaker’s Experience Curve
  • Waymaker software overview
  • Leadership vs management
  • How to answer the 7 Questions
  • How to onboard clients

In total there are 16 hours of learning content

The exam (Quiz) is 50 questions and non-proctored.

All learners receive the certification badge and certificate upon passing a short, non-proctored quiz. 


Available on demand now

All Waymaker users have free access to Waymaker Academy to access all free courses on demand.

Waymaker Academy Waymaker Advisor Certification

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