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How to build powerful vision and purpose statements


Vision and purpose statements

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The purpose of this playbook is to equip leaders with the framework to define vision and purpose.

This will enable leaders to identify real roadblocks and make the way easier for their teams.

This playbook addresses Question 1 within the 7 Questions.

Q1: What is our vision, is it driven by our purpose and what is holding us back from reaching it?

Learning outcomes

From this playbook you will learn:

  • What a vision is for an organisation (and how most get this wrong and what to do about it)
  • What a purpose is for an organisation (and how most get this wrong and what to do about it)
  • Understanding divergent and convergent thinking
  • How to write a clear vision statement
  • How to write a clear purpose statement


All learners receive the certification badge and certificate upon passing a short, non-proctored quiz. 


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