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Waymaker is wonderful platform to find your gaps, build your roadmap and plan your goals.

What if you wanted to go deeper with more detail and create a winning business plan using Waymaker’s Experience Curve as a framework and the data from Waymaker.io?


The business planning playbook

Take this course and download the documents and spreadsheets to establish a detailed business plan to document the finer detail of your organisation.

This playbook (course) brings together the outputs of the Vision, Market, Strategy, Business Model, CX and EX playbooks.

Additionally, it’s easy to capture and embed goal progress, confidence and ownership to quickly update your business plan at any moment.

This course is ideal for leaders and managers who are involved in leading, contributing and documenting the annual detailed business plan for an organisation.


Learning outcomes

From this playbook you will learn:


  • How to gather, organise, and document a wholistic business plan using Waymaker.io, Waymaker playbooks and toolkits.
  • How to structure the business plan to be a comprehensive document, easy to update and use for presentations, stakeholder engagement and team direction.
  • How to use Waymaker.io to easily update and align goals (OKRs).
  • How to bring to life the different functions of vision, market, strategy, business model, CX & EX into one organised business plan.

All learners receive the certification badge and certificate upon passing a short, non-proctored quiz. 


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