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How to create a winning position with a focussed


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The purpose of this playbook is to equip leaders with the framework to focus their strategy.

Leaders will be empowered to create, identify, or defend a winning strategic position with the market.

This playbook addresses Question 3 from the 7 Questions.

Q3: What is our strategy, where is our growth focussed and how do we improve our positioning?

This playbook is used to go deeper and into more detail to determine and develop a winning strategy.

Learning outcomes

From this playbook you will learn:

  • How to define strategy in your organisation to build success
  • How to write & communicate your strategy so everyone understand how to be strategic
  • How to focus on the right growth paths and grow customers or operating efficiency
  • Understanding divergent and convergent thinking


All learners receive the certification badge and certificate upon passing a short, non-proctored quiz. 


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