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Effective meetings


Effective meetings

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Being busy does not equal being effective. To be effective you must be hitting goals.

Therefore, if time is being spent in meetings, those meetings ought to enable people to hit their goals and deliver on their objectives.

Do the meetings you participate in do this? How many meetings do you participate in every week?

This course will equip you to lead and deliver the four most important meetings in any organisation.

Learning outcomes

You learn how to plan, run and optimise the following:

1. The leadership team meeting

For executives, team leaders and management.

This meeting moves organisations and teams forward by removing roadblocks for people to do their work. This drives progress to vision through strategy.

2. The one-on-one session

For managers and their team members.

This meeting grows individuals and empowers them to own their career whilst receiving coaching, mentorship, support and training. This builds employee experience.

3. The daily stand-up

For teams.

This meeting creates short term focus for daily outcomes in collaborative teams. This also builds the employee experience.

4. The sales meeting

For salespeople and non-salespeople. This meeting framework sets the play for highly effective sales meetings that deliver outstanding customer experience.

All learners receive the certification badge and certificate upon passing a short, non-proctored quiz. 


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