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24 hours

Waymaker Academy

Course overview

This course introduces the foundational tools of Waymaker, emphasizing the importance of strategic agility and the principles of growth.

Waymaker Academy presents a comprehensive course designed to empower individuals and organizations to achieve strategic agility. This course is tailored for those who aspire to be transformational leaders, guiding them to find and deliver high-value activities efficiently.

With the rapid pace of the modern business environment, it’s essential to have the tools and mindset to stay ahead.

This course will guide users through a facilitated onboarding journey.

Getting started Work better

The Waymaker Help Centre also has the app onboarding guide for new users here: https://help.waymaker.io/knowledge/getting-started

Learning outcomes

  1. Why Be an Agile Business:
    • Understand the significance of strategic agility in the modern business landscape.
    • Recognize the competitive advantages of being an agile organization in terms of decision-making, adaptability, and execution.
  2. How to Build, Execute, and Hit Better Goals:
    • Familiarize with the principles and tools of Waymaker for effective goal setting.
    • Learn the techniques to execute goals efficiently and measure success accurately.
  3. How to Plan, Run, Deliver Better Meetings:
    • Grasp the importance of structured and purpose-driven meetings in achieving organizational objectives.
    • Acquire skills to plan and conduct meetings that lead to actionable outcomes and continuous improvement.
  4. How to Plan, Do, and Delegate Better Tasks:
    • Understand the significance of clear task planning and delegation for efficient work execution.
    • Learn to utilize Waymaker’s Taskboards for collaborative project management and task delegation.
  5. How to See the Insights on Goals with Better Dashboards:
    • Recognize the value of data-driven insights in monitoring and achieving goals.
    • Master the use of Waymaker’s Dashboards to track progress, identify challenges, and ensure alignment with organizational objectives.

Upon completing this course, participants will be adept at leveraging strategic agility for business success, utilizing Waymaker’s tools for goal setting, meeting management, task delegation, and performance monitoring.

Waymaker Academy is open to all users of Waymaker, even if you do not have an app license yet.

To get started, choose a course, if you don’t have a user ID, you can create one and use that when you enter other courses.

If you want to see your badges and certifications against your profile in the Waymaker App, then ensure your Academy and App email are the same. All courses can also be accessed from main menu in the app.

Work better

24 hours

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