Waymaker’s Leadership Curve

1.5 hours

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Course overview

This course, “Waymaker’s Leadership Curve”, is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Waymaker platform’s foundational growth framework—Waymaker’s Leadership Curve™.

This framework serves as the cornerstone for achieving strategic agility and transformational leadership. The course delves into the science behind the Waymaker platform, exploring how organizations, products, or leaders evolve through various growth stages. It also emphasizes the importance of investing in the right skills and systems at each stage to unlock commercial value and achieve long-term success.

The course is structured to address the challenges posed by the rapidly changing business environment and offers tools to navigate these complexities. It integrates diagnostic tools with goal planning, meeting management, task management, and strategic roadmaps.

Additionally, the course is in Waymaker Academy, which contains frameworks, playbooks, templates, and courses to help you find breakthroughs in your leadership journey.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the Waymaker’s Leadership Curve™: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Waymaker’s Leadership Curve and how it serves as a sensemaking growth framework.
  2. Achieve Strategic Agility: Learn how to adapt and respond to the fast-paced changes in the business environment by leveraging the Waymaker platform.
  3. Master Growth Stages: Understand the different stages of growth for an organization, product, or leader, and the skills and systems required at each stage.
  4. Implement Diagnostic Tools: Acquire the skills to use Waymaker’s diagnostic tools effectively for assessing the maturity and leadership states of your organization.
  5. Develop Goal Planning and Strategy: Learn how to integrate diagnostic tools with goal planning, meeting management, and task management to create a cohesive strategic roadmap.
  6. Utilize Waymaker Academy Resources: Gain access to and learn how to use resources such as frameworks, playbooks, templates, and courses to aid in your leadership development.
  7. Apply the 8 Principles of Growth: Understand and implement Waymaker’s eight principles of growth to build a culture that propels your organization forward.
  8. Shift from Reactive Chaos to Strategic Agility: Learn how to move your organization from a state of reactive chaos to one of strategic agility by applying the practices of lead & empower, short-term wins, data intelligence, and continuous improvement.
  9. Measure Leadership Maturity: Learn how to interpret and apply Leadership Scores to assess the maturity of different skills and systems within your organization.
  10. Adopt a Transformational Mindset: Understand the importance of shifting mindsets for significant and long-lasting transformation.

This course is designed to equip and empower current and aspiring Chiefs of Staff with the tools, frameworks, and skills necessary to lead organizations effectively in today’s volatile business landscape.

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1.5 hours

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