How to write effective vision & purpose statements

1 hour

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Course overview

Every team need a vision and purpose, but how do you write them to be effective and not corporate fluff & bubble.

This course delves into the significance of vision and purpose statements, guiding leaders to craft statements that resonate and drive organizational alignment.

Drawing from historical trends and modern insights, participants will learn the nuances of creating impactful statements that not only define an organization’s direction but also inspire its stakeholders.

This playbook addresses Question 1 within the 7 Questions. 

Q1: What is our vision, is it driven by our purpose and what is holding us back from reaching it?

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand Historical Context: Recognize the evolution of mission, vision, and purpose statements and their significance in organizational culture.
  2. Define Vision and Purpose: Differentiate between vision and purpose, understanding their distinct roles in guiding an organization.
  3. Craft Meaningful Statements: Develop concise and memorable vision and purpose statements that resonate with stakeholders.
  4. Apply Design Thinking: Utilize divergent and convergent thinking techniques to brainstorm and refine vision and purpose statements.
  5. Use Waymaker Tools: Implement the Waymaker Vision Canvas and Clarity Statement to facilitate workshops and derive clear organizational statements.
  6. Communicate Effectively: Share and embed the crafted vision and purpose across the organization, ensuring alignment and understanding.
  7. Evaluate and Refine: Continuously assess the effectiveness of vision and purpose statements, making adjustments as the organization evolves.

This course is designed for leaders and managers aiming to establish a clear organizational direction and inspire their teams with a compelling vision and purpose.

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1 hour

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