How to design a winning strategy

2 hours

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Course overview

The purpose of this course is to equip leaders with the framework to focus their strategy. This course is designed to provide leaders with a robust framework to hone their strategic thinking and decision-making capabilities.

Leaders will be empowered to create, identify, or defend a winning strategic position with the market.

This course addresses Question 3 from the 7 Questions.

Q3: What is our strategy, where is our growth focussed and how do we improve our positioning?

By the end of this course, leaders will be adept at identifying growth opportunities, optimizing operating efficiency, and establishing a formidable position in the market.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define Strategy: Understand the essence of strategy, its significance in business, and how it differs from tactics and operational plans.
  2. Formulate a Winning Strategy: Acquire the skills to craft a strategy that aligns with organizational goals, market demands, and competitive landscapes.
  3. Communicate Strategy Effectively: Learn techniques to articulate and convey the strategy to internal teams, stakeholders, and external partners in a clear and compelling manner.
  4. Identify Growth Paths: Recognize potential avenues for growth, whether it’s expanding the customer base, entering new markets, or leveraging existing assets.
  5. Enhance Operating Efficiency: Understand the importance of operational efficiency in strategy execution and learn methods to streamline processes, reduce costs, and optimize resources.
  6. Apply the “7 Questions” Framework: Dive deep into Question 3 from the “7 Questions” to ensure alignment of strategy with broader organizational objectives.
  7. Engage and Align Teams: Ensure that all team members, from top management to frontline employees, are aligned with the strategic vision and are working cohesively towards its realization.
  8. Measure and Iterate: Understand the importance of tracking strategic outcomes, adjusting based on feedback, and continuously refining the strategy for sustained success.
  9. Navigate Challenges: Equip yourself with tools and techniques to address potential challenges, market shifts, and competitive threats that might impact the strategic position.
  10. Lead with Confidence: Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to lead teams with clarity, drive strategic initiatives, and make informed decisions that bolster the organization’s position in the market.

This course is ideal for business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone keen on mastering the art and science of strategic thinking and execution.

Through a blend of theoretical insights, practical tools, and real-world examples, participants will be well-prepared to chart a course for success in their respective markets.

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2 hours

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