How to design goals & outcomes

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Course overview

Effective goal management is crucial in leadership. “Goals & Outcomes” provides leaders with tools and techniques for goal management.

This course highlights the role of goals in strategic alignment. Leaders will learn to set and achieve goals across various organizational areas, from vision to customer experience.

This course will teach you how to design a goal, set outcomes, track actual vs performance using waypoints and build a scorecard.

In addition, this course will help you answer Q7 – What one, two or three things that if delivered in the quarter or half will shift the needle on the business.

Goals are the building blocks of strategic alignment and performance accountability.

Progress in vision, market, strategy, business model, customer and employee experience come from setting and achieving goals in these areas.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Master the Science of Goal Setting: Understand the underlying principles and methodologies that make goal setting a transformative tool for leaders.
  2. Distinguish Between Goals, Outcomes, and Tasks: Gain clarity on the nuanced differences between these three elements and how they interplay in the organizational context.
  3. Implement Accountability and Responsibility: Learn techniques to ensure that every goal set has a clear owner and a defined path to achievement.
  4. Craft Winning Goals with Accountable Outcomes: Acquire the skills to formulate goals that not only inspire but also have measurable and accountable outcomes.
  5. Utilize Milestone Goals: Understand the concept of milestone goals and how they act as performance finish lines, guiding teams towards strategic achievements.
  6. Cascade Goals Effectively: Learn the art of cascading goals within the Waymaker framework, ensuring alignment and clarity across all levels of the organization.
  7. Answer the Pivotal Question: Equip yourself with the knowledge to address Q7 – pinpointing the one, two, or three critical deliverables that can significantly impact the business within a specific timeframe.
  8. Drive Strategic Alignment: Recognize the importance of goals as the ‘Lego blocks’ of strategic alignment, fostering progress and innovation.

“Goals & Outcomes” is an essential course for leaders, managers, and professionals who aspire to lead with clarity, set transformative goals, and drive their teams towards unparalleled success. Through a blend of theoretical insights, practical exercises, and actionable tools, participants will emerge as strategic thinkers and goal-driven leaders.

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1 hour

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