Effective meetings: The sales meeting

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Course overview

Master the sales meeting.

This comprehensive course, “Mastering Effective Sales Meetings,” is designed to equip Chief of Staff, Strategy & Operations Leaders, Team Leaders, and Sales Team Members with the essential knowledge and skills to conduct highly successful sales meetings together as a team.

This course provides participants with the tools, strategies, and techniques necessary to confidently plan, execute, and follow up on sales meetings, ensuring they become a driving force in advancing opportunities through the sales pipeline.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will:

Understand the Purpose

  • Articulate the primary objective of a sales meeting: advancing opportunities to the next stage of the sales journey.

Manage Time Effectively

  • Apply best practices to allocate appropriate time for different types of sales meetings based on the deal stage.

Run Effective Meetings

  • Choose the optimal meeting format and environment, whether face-to-face or video conference.
  • Implement strategies to ensure engagement and productivity during video conference meetings.

Context and Framework

  • Recognize the distinction between internal sales team meetings and sales meetings with clients.
  • Differentiate between the meeting framework and sales methodologies, applying the framework to execute any chosen sales methodology effectively.
  • Address common challenges in sales meetings, such as preventing disruptions and enhancing deal progression.

Embrace Selling Principles

  • Embody fundamental selling principles, including establishing authority, active listening, obstacle removal, problem-solving, balancing emotion and reason, and viewing sales as a collaborative journey.

Structure the Sales Meeting Agenda

  • Comprehend the structure of a successful sales meeting agenda, consisting of six key steps.
  • Effectively execute each agenda item, from defining the purpose to closing with alignment.

Articulate Position of Authority

  • Craft a concise statement demonstrating authority and credibility, supported by client references or proof points.

Listen and Understand

  • Develop active listening skills to understand the client’s situation, identify pain points, metrics, and target outcomes, and employ divergent questioning techniques to explore the problem thoroughly.

Present Solutions

  • Tailor and present solutions that address the client’s specific issues, achieve desired metrics and outcomes, and respond to questions with specifics.
  • Utilize convergent statements to showcase precise assistance.

Define Next Steps

  • Collaboratively agree on the next steps and actions required for decision-making and progression, proposing mutually agreed-upon steps.

Align with Purpose

  • Express gratitude and close the current sales journey stage with a reaffirmation of the meeting’s purpose.

By achieving these learning outcomes, participants will be well-prepared to lead and participate in sales meetings with confidence, effectively advancing opportunities, strengthening client relationships, and contributing to their organization’s success in the competitive world of sales.

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1 hour

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