Effective meetings: The daily stand up

30 mins

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Course overview

This comprehensive course is designed to equip Chief of Staff, Senior Managers, and Team Leaders with the essential knowledge and skills needed to master the art of conducting effective daily stand-up meetings.

Whether you are leading a small team or overseeing a large organization, the ability to run efficient and productive daily stand-ups is a critical skill for achieving project success in today’s fast-paced business environment.

In this course, you will delve into the purpose, structure, and best practices for daily stand-up meetings.

You will learn how to create a collaborative environment, foster communication among team members, and overcome common challenges associated with daily stand-ups. With practical insights and actionable strategies, you’ll gain the expertise necessary to drive your team’s performance and enhance project outcomes.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand the Purpose: Explain the primary purpose of daily stand-up meetings and how they contribute to project success.
  2. Master the Timeframe: Efficiently manage daily stand-up meetings within a 15-minute timeframe to ensure minimal disruption to daily workflows.
  3. Run Effective Meetings: Facilitate daily stand-up meetings following a structured format, ensuring each team member’s participation and engagement.
  4. Content Inclusion: Determine the relevant content to include in daily stand-up meetings, focusing on progress, plans, and obstacles.
  5. Preparation Skills: Prepare for daily stand-up meetings by reviewing previous work, identifying potential obstacles, and delivering concise updates.
  6. Situational Awareness: Evaluate project situations and determine when daily stand-up meetings are the most suitable communication format.
  7. Video vs. In-Person Considerations: Choose between video and in-person formats based on team dynamics and circumstances.
  8. Agenda Management: Create and manage a structured daily stand-up meeting agenda, ensuring efficient communication and follow-up actions.
  9. Collaboration Enhancement: Foster a collaborative environment within the team, encouraging open communication and problem-solving.
  10. Overcome Challenges: Identify and address common challenges that can hinder the effectiveness of daily stand-up meetings.

This course offers valuable insights and practical strategies for running daily stand-up meetings that maximize team productivity, alignment, and project success.

Attendees will leave with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead their teams confidently in this agile and collaborative communication approach.

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30 mins

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