The 8 character traits of leaders

1.5 hours

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Course overview

The “Leadership Character – The 8 Character Traits of Leaders” course delves deep into the essence of leadership, focusing on the character traits that define and shape effective leaders. While leadership skills and systems are crucial, the character of a leader often determines their influence, effectiveness, and legacy.

This course is designed to help leaders introspect, understand, and cultivate these essential character traits, ensuring they lead with authenticity, integrity, and impact.

Learning outcomes

  1. Distinguish Between Leadership and Character:
    • Understand the foundational difference between leadership skills/systems and leadership character.
    • Recognize that while leadership methods may vary, certain character traits are universally admired and sought after in leaders.
  2. Define and Understand Character:
    • Grasp the essence of character as the inner reality that drives thoughts, decisions, and behaviors.
    • Differentiate between character and personality, understanding how the former often influences the latter.
  3. Deep Dive into the Eight Character Traits:
    • Integrity: Understand the importance of honesty and consistency in actions and decisions.
    • Humility: Recognize the value of empowering others and acknowledging their strengths.
    • Goodness: Learn the significance of leading with values and showing patience and generosity.
    • Humor: Appreciate the role of light-heartedness and joy in leadership.
    • Empathy: Grasp the importance of understanding and sharing the feelings of others.
    • Boldness: Understand the art of speaking truth to power and valuing those who do the same.
    • Courage: Recognize the essence of taking calculated risks and leading others through challenges.
    • Authenticity: Learn the significance of genuine interactions and remaining true to one’s leadership role.
  4. Interpret and Reflect on Character Assessment Results:
    • Analyze the results of the Waymaker Leadership Diagnostic’s character assessment.
    • Understand the spider chart representation and how to filter results for different perspectives.
  5. Engage in Self-Reflection and Improvement:
    • Reflect on personal strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors in various situations.
    • Identify character traits that need improvement and devise strategies to cultivate them.
  6. Implement Character Development Techniques:
    • Explore various techniques such as journaling, quiet reflection, and deep breathing exercises to enhance character traits.
    • Understand the importance of self-compassion, goal setting, and continuous self-improvement in character development.

By the end of this course, participants will have a profound understanding of the character traits that define effective leaders. They will be equipped with the tools and insights to introspect, improve, and lead with a character that inspires trust, respect, and positive change.

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1.5 hours

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