How to map the buyer journey

2 hours

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Course overview

The buyer journey is a specific segment of the broader customer journey, focusing on interactions between qualified prospects and the sales team.

This course offers a detailed exploration of the buyer journey, emphasizing its distinct stages, key metrics, and effective communication strategies.

Participants will learn to map the buyer journey, understand its core metrics, and employ strategies to accelerate the sales process.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understanding the Buyer Journey: Discover the essence of the buyer journey as a subset of the customer journey, focusing on interactions with known prospects and your sales team.
  2. The Four Vs of the Buyer Journey: Dive into the core metrics of the buyer journey: Volume, Velocity, Visibility, and the Exchange of Value, and understand their significance in shaping the sales process.
  3. Designing the Buyer Journey: Learn how to map out the buyer journey, from prospecting to retention, and understand the importance of sales activities and buyer verification steps.
  4. Buyer Journey Acceleration Plays: Equip yourself with strategies to accelerate prospects through the buyer journey, ensuring a faster and more efficient sales process.
  5. Effective Communication in the Buyer Journey: Explore a range of email templates and frameworks tailored for different scenarios in the buyer journey, ensuring timely and relevant communication with prospects.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate between the customer journey and the buyer journey, understanding the unique characteristics and importance of the latter.
  • Analyze the Four Vs of the buyer journey and understand how to track and optimize each metric for improved sales outcomes.
  • Design a comprehensive buyer journey, incorporating sales activities and buyer verification steps to ensure a smooth sales process.
  • Implement buyer journey acceleration plays to speed up the sales process and ensure that only qualified prospects progress through the journey.
  • Communicate effectively with prospects at different stages of the buyer journey using tailored email templates and frameworks.
  • Respond to different scenarios in the buyer journey, from initial positive responses to lost contact, ensuring that prospects are always engaged and informed.

Equip yourself with the tools, strategies, and knowledge to navigate the buyer journey with confidence, ensuring a seamless and efficient sales process that benefits both your organization and your prospects.

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2 hours

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